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Unfortunately, there are no free Joomla templates provided on However we've noticed that many customers come to inquire about Joomla website themes, and thus we'd would like to present you our sister-project This is a new promising resource where you can select Joomla-based website templates to meet your specific requirements and present your business in a most convenient and flexible way.

Currently being on high demand among website developers, Joomla! CMS gives birth to thousands of Joomla templates you may find on the net. It is suitable for those who are in search of reliable, flexible and ease-to-use designs. Like other types of websites templates that are available online, Joomla themes may be free or fee-based. Fairly enough, you may expect free Joomla templates to be the best time-saving and cost-saving option to build a Joomla-based website. And we'd recommend you to check out professional free templates for Joomla! CMS on GetJoomlaTemplatesFree.

You may use Joomla templates both for an existing Joomla website or for a completely new project. In spite of the fact that Joomla templates are offered for free, they feature clear structure and navigation and are absolutely easy to work with. You won't need any profound knowledge of Flash, Photoshop or HTML coding software to customize your themes, but some basic coding and Photoshop skills would be quite helpful.

GetJoomlaTemplatesFree collection is being constantly updated with new modern layouts, created by well experienced web designers. By the way, you want to make a contribution for other Joomla template seekers, you may share your free Joomla templates by submitting it on the website. The submission will be reviewed and published after approval.

Depending on your business area and preferences, feel free to find Joomla web themes to meet your needs. All themes are tested to be compatible with Joomla CMS and display correctly in all popular Internet browsers.

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