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Building a website impacts your business, no matter your industry. According to various statistics, 60% to 80% of consumers visit the company’s official resources before deciding to cooperate. Launching a project becomes the best solution for growing your business. Before building a professional-grade website with free Joomla templates, let’s discuss the main benefits.

  1. A website shows your professionalism and enhances your credibility. Beautiful minimalistic pages help make a good first impression and stand out from the competitors. Create a project considering your brand colour palette and logo, and present comprehensive information about your company and offers available anytime.
  2. A website brings in more customers and helps increase profits. It is impossible to deny that the Internet is the most powerful promotion platform in the middle of the digital age. When starting a digital project, you are free to use SEO, Pay-per-Click, retargeting, guest blogging, influencer collaborations, Google My Business, Social Media Ads, email marketing, and other ways to boost conversions.
  3. You provide strong social proof via your project. Demonstrating a testimonial section or connecting a rating system is another step toward building an effective call to action. Use real reviews or let customers leave positive feedback that convinces you much better than any advertising.
  4. Development and management are no longer as complex to handle and expensive as they used to be. Modern builders and CMS allow IT professionals and average PC users to create web resources that look good and perform correctly.

Why Choose Joomla for Launching Your Web Project

Whether you decide to request custom development or purchase ready-made products, your first step when building a website is choosing a CMS. This stage should be well thought out because, in any case, you’ll have to interact with the control panel to manage your internet resource, so the platform should be convenient for you personally.

Joomla is one of the most hyped open-source CMS. More complex functionality and an extended set of features make the platform the second most popular worldwide among all users but the most popular among developers. Here are a few of Joomla’s strengths worth mentioning:

  • CMS is built on PHP scripting, which is the most popular programming language. In addition, it is free and open-source, which allows code editing without worries about any licenses.
  • eCommerce support becomes a great bonus for those who require the functionality of an online store. Joomla easily integrates with eCommerce plugins like JoomShopping, VirtueMart, K2Store, and others to provide visitors with a pleasant shopping experience.
  • The huge active community is great news for first-time users as you will find dozens of guides and tips for any problem.
  • The platform is built considering the most popular features requested by the market, which means it is responsive and SEO-friendly. The first feature ensures smooth performance on any device, while the second gives every chance of getting a high Google ranking.
  • The platform is more complex than other analogues, in a good way. The functionality is wider and requires a more thorough approach. However, more opportunities are open to you in comparison with other CMS.

However, not everyone has the skill and patience to master building a website from scratch. Nevertheless, there is an excellent, progressive solution that significantly reduces the development period of your site.

Ready-made Free Joomla Templates – Why Pay More?..

Good news for individuals who decide to build a website with minimal investment and still require a reasonable solution. One of the biggest revelations for newcomers to the web design area is that it’s possible to design a site for free without the expense you need for maintenance. Any user can download free Joomla templates from amateurs or IT studios who share non-paid products to attract more viewers to view their portfolio.

Before finally deciding whether or not to use free Joomla templates, it’s best to familiarise yourself with their advantages:

  • You don’t need to know how to code to manage a website, as even free Joomla templates are built on top user-friendly CMS.
  • The setup price becomes even lower since you pay absolutely nothing for the design.
  • Layout packages are pre-configured to show smooth performance on smartphones and tablets, which excludes the cost of developing a mobile version.
  • Most developers try to add at least the minimum required features to their free Joomla templates to meet market standards.

However, nothing is perfect. There will always be disadvantages when you face something free of charge.

  • The lack of a price tag means that developers have no motivation to create a real feature-rich product. So be prepared to look for additional plugins and even pay for them.
  • There is no support. When choosing free digital goods, you will not receive any assistance as it happens when buying premium Joomla templates or cooperating with a developer studio.

Nevertheless, non-paid products are free to download, simple to install and manage, and easy to find on the net. You lose absolutely nothing when you try to install and test the functionality of multiple free Joomla templates.

Excellent Examples of Free Joomla Templates

Here are some stunning examples of free Joomla templates that could theoretically satisfy all your requirements for building your resource. Short descriptions and links to more detailed information will help you determine if the product is worth your attention or if it’s better to keep looking.

Corporate Design

Corporate Design Joomla Theme

This one is a great free Joomla template customised for the needs of investment and financial companies. Thanks to its responsive layout, the package includes all the must-have pre-developed pages that look great on smartphones and tablets. You don’t need to consider developing a mobile version or investing in creating applications for different operating systems. Besides, a responsive layout is what all free products from the list boast of.

Furniture Joomla Template

Furniture - Free Joomla Templates

If you’re looking for a theme for a design agency or furniture store, this awesome mockup pack is the key. Keep in mind that, as in the previous and all subsequent cases, you are dealing with 100% responsive free Joomla templates. The clean, light design is complemented by catchy animations that capture the visitor’s attention and make important sections more visible. Although the layout is quite minimalistic, it allows you to share comprehensive information about your brand and services, post interesting content in the blog section, integrate social networks and Google maps, and much more.

Blog Theme

Blog Joomla Template

It is known that free Joomla templates are one of the best possible choices for bloggers. This magnificent item allows readers to fully immerse themselves in the atmosphere of your storytelling with large banner images. The Retina-ready feature makes media content look cool on HiDPI screens, so feel free to upload photos in the highest resolution. The item includes a modern blog’s typical attributes, such as comments, contact, and about us pages.

Great Hair

Great Hair - Free Joomla Templates

It is impossible to list free Joomla templates without including designs related to the beauty industry. Today, the network is overflowing with catalogues of cosmetics and perfumes, as well as offers of beauty services. It is obvious that your competitors are not even considering a business development option that does not include creating an official webspace. This bright, futuristic-looking Joomla template will help you grow effectively in your niche. The developers took into account such important characteristics for a beauty page as:

  • Social media integration;
  • Google Maps;
  • Blog;
  • Pricing tables;
  • Counters and bars;
  • Contact forms, etc.

Educational Theme

Educational Free Joomla Template

Besides commercial projects and blogging, the network is full of educational platforms. With every generation, we are more into gadgets, so if you need to create a digital space for a university, school, or online course presentation, you must consider that your target audience is looking for everything on the Internet. This concise and rather classic choice is what you need to share information about an educational institution. Most importantly, this free Joomla template is SEO friendly, so you are guaranteed to be noticed by your potential applicants.

Educational Theme 2

Joomla Educational Theme

You’d better choose this educational option from the free Joomla templates collection if you’re looking for something bright and quite understated. Coloured details and a non-trivial font look great against a dark background. However, do not forget that thanks to the CMS admin panel, you can change the colour scheme and font and delete/add new elements and objects. The piece is ideal for launching a simple project that does not require placing large amounts of content.


Restaurant Joomla Theme

A wonderful classic version of a restaurant page, food delivery service, or just a recipe blog. The developers have added to the package such sections as:

  • Homepage with a catchy banner where you can place a photo of an important establishment or signature dish.
  • A section with built-in links that lead to “about us,” “menu,” “promotions and discounts,” “new cocktails/dishes,” and so on.
  • Blog module where you are free to share recipes, customer reviews, product/service reviews, and special announcements.

Navigation provides visitors with a pleasant user experience thanks to a convenient dropdown menu, a simple header and footer, and a kind of landing-like overall style.

Travel Agency

Travel Agency - Free Joomla Templates

This item is probably one of the most advanced in the free Joomla templates collection. The creators implemented the most modern solutions, in particular:

  • A huge banner on the homepage gives you a quick idea of ​​who you are. 
  • A section with highlighted images by clicking on which the client gets acquainted with your offers. 
  • Blog with a built-in commenting system where you share useful tips, reviews, and original, engaging information. 
  • A set of contact forms allows consumers to submit their contact information, register an account, search the site, and subscribe to a newsletter.

Construction Business

Construction - Free Joomla Templates

This full-fledged option from the wide range of free Joomla templates brings you an attractive solution for businesses related to construction or repair services. A complete set of pre-made elements greatly enhances your creator experience by eliminating the need to create anything by hand. After downloading, you get:

  • 100% Responsive;
  • Clean SEO-friendly code;
  • Social media integration;
  • Google fonts and maps;
  • Testimonials and comments;
  • Tag cloud;
  • Web forms;
  • Social media feeds widgets and more.

Personal Page

Personal Portfolio - Free Joomla Templates

Another popular product in the design market is ready-made goods for launching a personal blog. The proposed item is good for showing a portfolio, personal brand, contact information (business card), etc. It’s developed to help you prepare a small page that isn’t overloaded with text, images, and objects. Share your data by framing it in an aristocratic environment worthy of you. Like all free Joomla templates, this one is responsive, Retina-ready, SEO-friendly, clean-coded, and integrated with social media and web forms.

Why Choose Premium Joomla Templates

However, if you have some finances, there is another really cheap option to launch a top-tier website without involving specialists. Yes, premium Joomla templates can actually be high quality if you’re willing to pay for them. Let’s talk in detail about why it might be more reasonable to opt for a premium product.

  • Creating premium products aims to sell them as many times as possible. So the developers are doing their best to put together the most requested design concepts. Choosing premium Joomla templates will make your website look trendy and up-to-date.
  • Paid products always come with additional pre-installed plugins. Web forms, visual editors, online chat, ranking tools, and much more are always included in the premium package, unlike free “opponents.”
  • Most marketplaces selling digital goods offer a high level of service, which means providing customers with technical support. A cool opportunity has given the fact that the free Joomla platform does not provide additional assistance to its users.
  • Premium options are updated regularly. Updates usually include adjusting the design to current standards, implementing additional extensions, or adding new layouts or UI elements.

Let’s move on to some ultra feature-rich premium products that surprise with their high quality for a low price.

Construction Company

Construction Company - Free Joomla Templates

This option will inspire you if you’re after minimalistic solutions. Well-spaced objects and black and white style complemented by bright details are great for presenting a reliable construction company. You can feel the difference between free Joomla templates and premium ones at a glance. Also, in addition to the axially higher quality of the layouts, premium Joomla templates come with 24/7 technical support, which guarantees assistance in case of any problems with the product. The item also features:

  • Advanced UI elements;
  • Addition specialised details (forum, team, blog, history, etc.);
  • Colour switch;
  • Mega menu;
  • Google Maps and fonts, etc.

Creative Portfolio

Creative Portfolio - Free Joomla Templates

Another lightweight premium Joomla template provides you with a responsive SEO-friendly foundation to represent your creatives. The theme is built to showcase all the essential information on the homepage. At the same time, visitors are free to explore additional pages with more comprehensive data through the dropdown menu. By buying an item at a commercial price of $59 you can create up to five sites. Moreover, after customisation, you are free to sell the end product or pass it on to your customers after filling it with content or working on search engine optimisation. Every premium theme purchased at a retail price includes a similar top feature for IT specialists and freelancers.

Art Gallery

Art Gallery Joomla Theme

It is an awesome option from the premium Joomla templates collection to represent your art gallery or announce an auction. The theme is ideal for posting high-quality images and videos since it’s focused on showcasing media content. Retina-ready code ensures that images are delivered to HiDPI screens without sacrificing quality. The design is also useful for individuals who must show off their creativity, such as photographers, designers, artists, actors, models, etc. Each page is well organised, so visitors better concentrate on the most important objects.

Multipurpose Option

Multipurpose Joomla 4 Template

If you consider it quite challenging to decide how the design should be styled for your business niche, then the multi-purpose one solves your problems. This digital product is aimed at a wide audience of customers whose activities can be associated with opposite specifics. The multi-purpose premium Joomla template is easily editable and, at the same time, doesn’t include specific details-identifiers of a certain industry in its launch version. The current theme offers:

  • Bugs-free code with detailed documentation;
  • Tons of Blocks & Elements;
  • Functional Addons;
  • Multilingual support;
  • Responsive layout;
  • Retina readiness and more.

Interior Design

Interior Design - Free Joomla Templates

The ultra-modern premium Joomla template includes all the must-haves to represent your furniture store, portfolio, or construction company. Sleek, fresh pages are stuffed with:

  • Services;
  • Latest products;
  • Pricing tables;
  • Banners and sliders;
  • Media section;
  • Animated team module;
  • Testimonials;
  • Latest blog posts;
  • Trendy footer with contact form, social media buttons, and built-in links for easy navigation.

Bootstrap-based premium Joomla templates are developer-friendly, so don’t forget to buy it at a retail price and get your development activity going.


Banking Joomla Website Template

Consider this option if you are on your way to finding an appropriate base for a financial or investment company. A super responsive clean-coded layout will help you build a powerful environment for a credible image. Corporate colours and a combination of typical business site attributes make the theme universal for launching serious projects. In addition to smooth performance, you will enjoy such extra features as:

  • Bootstrap;
  • SEO friendly;
  • Retina-ready;
  • HTML plus JS based;
  • Mockups and infographics;
  • Mobile-friendly and more.


Musician - Free Joomla Templates

This layout set aims to impress with an outstanding visual hierarchy specific to the needs of creatives. The demo demonstrates how cool bold, bright hues look framed in white space. This technique focuses the audience’s attention on the media content that plays a key role when it comes to music and the arts. Musicians who decide to build their official page around this catchy variant will be impressed with:

  • Next performance count down;
  • Upcoming concerts/events;
  • Albums;
  • Non-trivial blog module;
  • Merch store with basic eCommerce functionality;
  • Social media integration;
  • Gallery;
  • Many widgets for embedding music, videos, other media files, etc.

Photographer Portfolio

Photograpger Portfolio - Free Joomla Templates

This option unlocks the new ability to share your creativity and reach a larger audience with beautifully styled pages. The concept of the creators provides for the division into several “zones,” such as the portfolio itself and additional details typical of every classic website. Even a newbie can handle the customisation, so you’re not only free to edit colours and move objects but to completely remove unnecessary stuff. Trigger audience interest by starting with a fancy asymmetric homepage with animated effects embedded in the media content section.

Lingerie and Clothing

Lingerie & Clothing Joomla Template

This option combines simplicity, gloss, and delicacy of colour palette to arouse strong interest in your target audience. Showcase your lingerie, makeup, and beauty store with this ultra-modern responsive foundation perfect for search engine optimisation and promotion.

  • Mobile layout;
  • 24/7 technical support and updates;
  • Convenient thoughtful navigation;
  • Classic blog;
  • Social media integration;
  • User registration and contact forms;
  • Joomla Komento Module and more.

Restaurant and Cafe

Restaurant & Cafe - Free Joomla Templates

Mix and match the elements proposed by the designers of this trendy layout kit to create your perfect restaurant or food delivery online environment. If you’re keen on lots of free space and highlighting bright details, stop looking and opt for this amazing creature. It’s 100 per cent of high standards thanks to such advanced features as:

  • Dropdown menu;
  • Individual blog sections are categorised;
  • Dozens of ready-made stuff;
  • Testimonials;
  • Brand/sponsors/business partners module;
  • Gallery;
  • Forum;
  • Job application form;
  • Joomla modules include camera slideshow, Ajax, Bootstrap, Komento, and more.

Premium vs Free Joomla Templates – What’s Your Best Choice

Obviously, everyone is free to choose their own model for building a digital project. After comprehensive research, you may even decide that custom development is more rational, despite the high price. However, it would help if you were prepared that even an individual project requires further refinement and interaction. The best way to ensure that premium Joomla templates or free themes are right for you is to test them, look at reviews, read user feedback, and analyse the information received. There is no one-size-fits-all solution because building a website is one of the most creative processes you can encounter on the net. 

Summing up

In conclusion, it is important to mention that most experts strongly recommend that small and medium businesses start developing their online presence using free Joomla templates in case your finances are too limited. However, if it’s not too stressful to spend another hundred dollars on premium Joomla templates, this choice will bring you much more benefits than it might seem at first glance.