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Each entrepreneur wants to make his business grow and flourish, be popular in his niche and bring profit. Achieving these purposes is impossible without a web presence because, in today’s digital technologies world, a website is like the face of a company. Moreover, eCommerce websites let shops sell online, which significantly expands its client base, boosts sales, and, as a result, income. Considering the importance of entering the digital space, business owners started finding ways to create a webshop. The first method that comes to mind is to refer to a web development company. However, their services are not cheap and require much time. Why do it if there are free eCommerce website templates that are easy to customize without any skills and spend only a few hours?

These solutions are pre-made, which means there is no need to create everything from scratch. Each entrepreneur can quickly determine how to customize them according to their needs, preferences, and requirements without paying a dollar. Please read this article to learn more about what platforms offer such themes and what possibilities they offer, how to choose the most suitable solution, and many more.

Discovering Free eCommerce Website Templates

Fortunately, the digital market offers various so-called themes with pre-made layouts, graphics, and other possibilities needed to create a complete and powerful online store. These assets are easy to manage and customize for the desired site’s visual appearance and functionality. Meantime, it is not necessary to grasp coding or web development or have technical skills to achieve it using most themes. Sounds tempting, right? 

Successful and well-designed digital commerce is a winning combination of the thought-through business model and a reasonable choice of the eCommerce platform. Keeping that in mind, we suggest learning more about OpenCart, PrestaShop, and Magento solutions, which may seem similar at first glance. However, each platform has its unique specificity and something great to offer. It is time to cut to the chase.

Free OpenCart eCommerce Website Templates

OpenCart is an open-source platform developed with ease of use in mind. An embedded admin panel provides simple layout customization and a comprehensive overview of the store’s sales and analytics. Besides, this dashboard is intuitive and stylish, allowing everybody to enjoy a smooth site creation process. So, each user can launch new shops effortlessly and, if needed, add advanced functions due to an extension system. Backups are built into this platform, which is why many users prefer these themes. Documentation for these OpenCart themes is rich and can guide the entire process of customizing a site.

Main Features

  • Open-course platform with ongoing development and updating;
  • A wide catalog of templates and extensions;
  • Various payment methods for providing customers with a choice to choose the most appropriate one;
  • Tracking essential metrics of your webshop that showcases them in an admin interface.
  • Managing several shops from a single admin panel;
  • Supports multiple languages to help you have an international presence;
  • A complete set of metrics and analytics;
  • Controlling backups from your interface.

PrestaShop Free eCommerce Website Templates

It is one more popular solution for creating online stores. Prestashop is an open-source and cloud-hosted platform that provides access to many modules for extending site functionality. Numerous apps and integrations are also available. These free PrestaShop themes have strong SEO capability and loading speed that positively affects business growth and customer experience. PrestaShop is versatile and easy to learn. However, developer skills will be handy in setting up a flexible open source. This platform allows a robust integration of accounting, payment gateways, couriers, warehouses, etc., which is helpful for small and middle businesses.

Key Features

  • Very flexible open source;
  • Available in multiple languages and currencies;
  • Fast loading speed;
  • User community to discuss upgrades, solve technical issues, etc. through forums and services;
  • The default theme is 100% responsive;
  • Live Editor that allows customizing the store’s visual appearance from the front end;
  • Integration with various business services and applications like Google Analytics, PayPal, eBay, SEO Expert, etc.

Magento Free eCommerce Website Templates

Magento is a professional platform that can power webshops of any size. It is multifunctional and comes with an admin interface. Also, inventory management and search engine optimization possibilities are integrated into these free Magento themes. The platform scales very well, and the site can handle almost anything due to a wide range of fantastic features. However, it is not the simplest solution because the user should spend some time sorting through its instructions and documentation if he wants to benefit from its advanced options. Thus, it is important to be ready to learn how to use Magento or hire its developer to take care of some enhanced stuff for the store. 

Leading Features

  • A library with hundreds of extensions;
  • Possibility to interface with third-party applications;
  • Embedded SEO functions;
  • Catalog management;
  • Excellent scalability;
  • Enhanced security;
  • Great customer service;
  • Cross-sell and upsell options;
  • Order management tools, including wishlists, gift registries, rewards systems, and more.

Use Free Website Templates for eCommerce for Different Types of Projects

What can be better than a reliable marketplace where each entrepreneur can find a suitable pre-made theme without searching for it among different unchecked sources? One of the most popular marketplaces is TemplateMonster, establishing itself as a reliable supplier of various digital assets, including eCommerce ones. Any business owner may choose the most appropriate costless solution for their company because the variety offers designs for such niches as:

  • Business and services;
  • Fashion and beauty;
  • Sports, outdoors, and travel;
  • Design and photography;
  • Cars and motorcycles;
  • Medical;
  • Food and restaurant;
  • Education and books;
  • Home and family;
  • Society and people;
  • Computers and Internet;
  • Real estate
  • Entertainment, games, and nightlife;
  • Art and culture;
  • Electronics;
  • Animals and pets;
  • Holidays, gifts, and flowers.

As the TemplateMonster was on the market long ago, it always expands the assortment of new trendy assets and updates the existing ones. Thus, it is ready to satisfy all business owners’ needs regardless of the niche and let them create stunning online stores to succeed. So, it is time to view the collection of great freebies and ensure everyone can find a perfect design.

Fantastic Collection of Free eCommerce Website Templates from TemplateMonster

Tools and Equipment

Tools & Equipment - OpenCart Free eCommerce Website template

Let’s view the first example. The design comes with ready-made blocks specific for tools stores. Its style is neutral, containing a great combination of black and yellow colors. The left panel lets you present various assortment categories to let clients quickly find the needed electrician tools or safety equipment. And the fully responsive layout allows your content to display great on all devices with any screen resolution. View the full list of its features by visiting its page.


DrugStore - OpenCart Free eCommerce website template

This solution is perfect for stores selling drugs, medical equipment, or other medicine-related goods. Due to a well-organized content structure, you can nicely present products in a catalog, creating an atmosphere of reliability and trust. Thanks to the plugin pack, this template contains a cart, wishlist, and compare button that will provide customers with a great shopping process. Besides, using an admin panel, you can easily add articles about medicine or new arrivals in a blog section to give people beneficial information and improve your SEO.


Ziracon - OpenCart Free eCommerce website template

Ziracon holds elegance and exquisite appearance to help a jewelry store owner succeed in online sales. It has all the needed basic features for selling women’s accessories, jewelry, diamonds, watches, and other similar goods. Unlimited banner sliders, smart and responsive grid, extra CMS blocks, Ajax live search, advanced filter, and many other embedded options let you get an incredible webshop and impress clients with its simplicity of shopping process. Press the live demo button to see this fantastic design yourself.


Books - OpenCart Free eCommerce website template

With the development of digital technologies, people haven’t stopped loving reading published books, so selling books online is a profitable business. This theme is developed to create a stunning webshop for selling journals, textbooks, etc. Content blocks have a well-organized structure where books look the most advantageous. Each item has a price, and the Add to cart button below is straight in the catalog to let clients defer the chosen object into the shopping basket with one click. The store navigation is simple because the design doesn’t include unnecessary elements, making web pages clear to perception and easy to shop.


Ms. Candy - OpenCart Free eCommerce website template

A great solution for a sweet store owner who wants to sell online candies, macarons, chocolate, and many other confections in the assortment. Due to Ajax search and cart, potential clients can use the live search option and see the total price right away when adding more products to their carts. Moreover, big places for photos of goodies on the homepage will tempt the appetite of everyone who opens a website and encourages them to try delicious food. It will help to raise sales and boost profit. And, of course, a multi-currency feature is included for choosing a convenient payment method.


Beauty - PrestaShop Free eCommerce website template

Beauty niche websites require a wonderful and trendy visual look, so this item is a perfect match for selling cosmetics, perfumes, and other things for the beautiful half of humanity. Rich functionality and an awesome layout with two main colors will pay visitors’ attention to the new arrivals, bestsellers, products on discount, and other goods in the assortment. The seamless slider will show clients the product category images, and the hover effect will emphasize its name when a person places a cursor. Undoubtedly, all content will look great on smartphones, laptops, PCs, and other gadgets, because the design is fully responsive.


BeFlora - PrestaShop Free eCommerce website template

Take a look at a wonderful option for flower suppliers. It is designed in lovely, fresh colors and contains a thought-through content structure for placing various ready bouquets and flowers. Besides, it has a beautiful slider and mega menu to attractively put everything in its place. Among embedded features are:

  • fully responsive;
  • Ajax search;
  • sample data installer;
  • product badges;
  • multilingual and multi-currency;
  • Parallax;
  • PSD files;
  • cross-browser compatibility;
  • category products, and more.


Sportek - Free PrestaShop Template

Meet a fantastic solution for sports equipment shops that want to enter the digital market. The embedded modules can put products in a favorable light that will positively affect sports clothes and equipment sales. Responsive design with higher resolution images will help a webshop look great on any device with any screen size. Meanwhile, a sample data installer allows the user to have a simple installation process in a few clicks. So, use the live demo function to preview the layout and ensure it fits all requirements and wishes.


Fashion - Magento Free eCommerce website template

The fashion industry has strong competition, so it is essential to stand out from the crowd. This theme fits this task perfectly, allowing clothes shop owners to create a successful online shop for selling jeans, dresses, jackets, shirts, and other apparel. A pure layout comes with minimal elements and a set of fantastic effects, such as:

  • Parallax scrolling;
  • animated pictures;
  • full-width sliders and images.

They allow you to grab visitors’ attention and keep them longer on the pages for viewing the collection and purchasing the liked apparel.


StereoCar - Free Magento Theme

StereoCar showcases what the website for selling audio systems, auto parts, motor oil, and other things for automobiles can look like. A unique catalog page lets you place photos of goods in a professional and modern visual form. Stylish product lists and pages convince everyone in it one more time. Two big banners under the left sidebar with categories allow showcasing deals of a week or discounts that will encourage car lovers to click on them and view the offer. You can appreciate the visual tricks and ensure the design suits this niche by clicking on the live demo button.

Magetique Lingerie

Magetique - Magento Free eCommerce website template

Magetique is a good example of a narrowly targeted business that requires a special design to make everything look harmoniously on the web pages. Lingerie should be presented with special tenderness to let women enjoy viewing the catalog and imagine wearing this underwear. In this case, success is guaranteed. That is why Magetique has a nice visual appearance with great combinations of pink and green colors. The big homepage slider and the next little bit smaller ones that appear after scrolling down the page immediately catch women’s attention and let them understand how and where they can find the needed bra or panties.


Electronics - Free Magento Theme

Proving to the audience that your electronic devices are high-quality and at affordable prices is an important part of a store’s success. This theme can help to deal with this task and present cameras, music systems, gadgets, smartphones, TVs, household appliances, and other electrical products attractively dividing them into categories. Besides, this asset is full of helpful features, such as:

  • cross-browser compatibility;
  • multi-language support;
  • label of a new product or on sale;
  • promotion bar;
  • unique block design;
  • mobile-optimization;
  • retina-ready.


Difference Between Free and Premium eCommerce Website Design Templates

A reasonable question is why people purchase assets when there are numerous costless and available to download right away ones? It is essential to know the answer which lies in the main features of premium website templates for eCommerce, among which are:

  • unique designs;
  • more color options;
  • modern performance;
  • fantastic graphics;
  • a set of layouts to choose from;
  • fast loading speed;
  • fully supported;
  • SEO-friendly – this feature is included in all paid assets, allowing the webshop to get top positions in the search engines;
  • drag and drop support – lets no experienced users effortlessly use the layouts and add content;
  • multilingual and multi-currency for making the web presence available for foreign clients and reach a worldwide market;
  • advanced online store options – wishlists, add to cart, product compare, and search, zoom, etc.;
  • extensive documentation – with well-structured instructions, it’s easy to deal with editing, content filling, and settings.

Thus, these significant differences can be critical factors in choosing paid assets instead of costless ones. However, until we see the examples, we will not understand the whole picture. Check out the list of the best premium themes and make your choice.

Outstanding Collection of Premium Website Templates for eCommerce


Craftera - OpenCart premium theme

Let’s start viewing a collection of premium assets with Craftera – a fully customizable theme for an eCommerce website for art, home decor, craft, furniture, etc. Bright background lets you emphasize goods and their best characteristics. The product catalog is well-designed, so people will enjoy viewing it and selecting the needed item. In addition, this solution supports three currencies and various languages, which helps to cover a wider market. Craftera costs 51$, but how many benefits and advanced features do you get! Go to its page and see for yourself. 


Lexicon - OpenCart Premium Theme

A professional-looking and minimalist theme with a mix of dark and light colors allow an entrepreneur to promote kitchen accessories and tableware the most attractively. It has various product carousels for showcasing deals of a day or week, new arrivals, bestsellers, etc. These easy-to-customize layouts come with the next fantastic features:

  • fully responsive;
  • mobile-optimized;
  • LTR + RTL;
  • vertical mega menu;
  • SEO-optimized;
  • cloud zoom with image slider;
  • product tab and hover;
  • blog module;
  • Ajax cart, etc.


Gifty - OpenCart Premium Theme

One more premium solution for creating a unique and powerful web shop named Gifty. Souvenirs or gift stores will appreciate it the most because it has a distinctive visual look suitable for this niche. The fast and user-friendly panel allows you to style colors and fonts, add content, and change background. Check out more features that are included:

  • validated HTML5 and CSS3;
  • Google fonts;
  • language and currency integration;
  • SEO-friendly;
  • unlimited banners;
  • blog module;
  • easy page settings;
  • wishlist and blog modules;
  • full PSD files;
  • compatible with all major browsers;
  • documentation, and more. 


YellowBag - OpenCart Premium eCommerce Theme

It is one of the most highly rated items on the marketplace, which attracts by a big image on the main page and numerous advanced features. A layout builder allows you to customize the homepage as you would like to see in a few clicks. Its visual appeal and great block placement may increase the conversion several times. Meanwhile, due to Parallax technology, background images will move slower than the foreground elements, which will impress every client. And being absolutely responsive, the YellowBag works equally rapidly on any device. Check out more features on its page.


Fashion - PrestaShop Premium eCommerce theme

The stylish homepage is the first that impresses when you open this template. It makes your website look professional, which helps you increase the conversion rate and get more traffic. Embedded eCommerce options allow you to customize a high-quality webshop for selling apparel, accessories, and other goods related to the fashion industry. A horizontal mega menu will enable you to keep the site structure well-organized and let customers navigate product categories easily. It is worth reading the full description of this item and viewing the live demo.

Pet Food

Pet Food - Premium eCommerce theme

This PrestaShop asset suits small or medium businesses who want to create an eCommerce website. In a pet food shop example, everyone can see a well-organized page structure with columns and blocks for placing photos of goods, descriptions, prices, reviews, add-to-cart buttons, and more. It has the best performance optimization, unlimited custom fonts, SEO optimization, and RTL language support. Apart from them, this asset is full of navigation and menu options, advanced features for online stores, and more. Press the live demo button to preview its visual appearance.

My Cosmetics

MyCosmetics - Premium PrestaShop theme

In the niche of cosmetics, it is essential to be unique and stylish if you want to stand out from others and succeed. This theme is perfect for these purposes because it has a great content structure, nice background, and a customer-friendly interface. Thanks to fast goods loading, people will get a pleasant shopping process that brings more profit and expands the customer base. Moreover, you get such opportunities as:

  • changing colors;
  • easy checkout;
  • thoughtful interface;
  • lazy loading;
  • adaptability for SEO;
  • multilingual and multi-currency;
  • simplified login and registration;
  • wishlist and goods comparison;
  • instructions for customizing, and more.


Saturnino - PrestaShop Premium eCommerce theme - free eCommerce website templates collection

Saturnino is the best option for selling delicious meals, such as pizza, salade, pasta, etc. Viewing the live demo function, you will understand why visitors enjoy browsing your site. Each web page is impregnated with a visual pleasure of delicious dishes, which pictures people will see there. Ajax search provides instant results in a dropdown box with a meal price, thumbnail, name, and composition. Among other features are:

  • a set of modules;
  • layout builder;
  • retina-ready;
  • fully responsive;
  • mosaic items;
  • Ajax search;
  • sorting options;
  • SEO-friendly;
  • cross-browser compatibility;
  • documentation, and more.


Jewelrix - Magento Premium theme

Nobody will take his eyes from this elegant visual appearance full of incredible icons, labels, fonts, and other elements. Thus, Jewelrix lets business owners attractively present rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, diamonds, and other jewelry and showcase their tiniest parts with product zoom. Such an amazing extension as a mega menu will help customize beautiful menus that enable visitors to navigate the site easily. Besides, film slider, Ajax wishlist, compare and search, newsletter popup, and other options will help make a unique and highly-professional online shop.


Infant - Magento theme

This design is crafted with the help of hand-drawn elements, from borders and labels to buttons and fonts. It adds a feel of informality and comfort that positively affects sales. Unusual visual appearance encourages viewing web pages and enjoying the product catalog. As this asset is designed for Magento, it has unlimited possibilities for scaling and expanding the online shop. A pack of advanced features consists of:

  • fully responsive;
  • SEO-friendly;
  • product grid and list;
  • currency and language support;
  • social networks integration;
  • documentation, and more.


Delveti Magento theme

Meet one more solution based on the Magento platform, named Delveti. It inspires with its elegant design and competent content structure that allows visitors to gradually get acquainted with all offerings and not get tired. Due to wishlist and Ajax comparison, the clients can save desired items for later reference and compare them before making a final decision. Moreover, smart goods labels will push to purchase, so use them to emphasize hot offers. You also get handy TM modules, which you don’t have to buy separately to enhance your site. So, open the Delveti page to learn details and view the live demo.


iShop - Premium Magento Template

Pay attention to the bold style of this asset suitable for selling electronic devices and other goods. The site navigation is interactive and user-friendly due to a mega menu and unusual content organization. Meanwhile, a page-wide slider accompanied by a set of banners provides the visitors with a quick view of the hottest offerings. Thanks to numerous features, you get your webshop multifunctional and high-quality:

  • fully responsive;
  • Ajax search;
  • SEO-friendly;
  • product badges;
  • multilingual;
  • multi-currency;
  • megamenu;
  • cross-browser compatible;
  • PDS files;
  • valid semantic coding, and more.


Few Tips for Making Your Online Store Successful

The first step to starting creating a webshop is selecting the right theme. Use the left sidebar to note the parameters you want to see in your project. Mark a topic, tag, color, features, styles, web forms, currencies, and other categories. After that, the search is narrowed immediately. Then you will see the most relevant digital products.

The second step is to ensure this item suits your requirements. Open its page, read the description and view screenshots. A live demo function can also help determine if the chosen design meets your expectations. After that, add the theme to the cart, checkout, and download. That is all, you are ready to go to the next stage.

The third step is filling the layouts with your content. Consider some important moments while customizing the theme:

  • Add unique texts and articles to a blog. Keywords, meta titles, descriptions, and linking, are critical if you want your store to rank higher in the search engines.
  • Make your visual appearance eye-catching and professional-looking. High-quality photos of your goods and fantastic visuals like Parallax or other graphic elements will help you stand out from competitors and prove to customers you pass with the times.
  • Keep the site structure not overloaded and clear at first glance. For that, divide all goods you sell into categories and use the appropriate functions like dropdown or mega menu.
  • Regularly update prices and product availability. Your customers will appreciate it and get a comfortable shopping process without issues.

Summing up

As you can see, today’s digital market has various ready solutions for building a website for each need. Using them, referring to web development companies, and spending much time or money on entering the global space becomes unnecessary. Each business owner can choose from free and premium assets according to their taste, requirements, and budget. With the help of pre-made designs, creating a fantastic webshop becomes an interesting process taking less time and effort compared with its creation from scratch. Following this article’s tips guarantees you a fully-functional and successful eCommerce website. So, don’t hesitate to select the theme you like the most and start selling online!