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In today’s world, digitalization is happening at a rapid pace. Every day more and more companies conquer the online sphere in pursuit of profit and new customers. The high interest in this type of business is explained by the fact that it allows you to make a spectacular statement about yourself and count on a worldwide audience. Ensuring your visibility on the Internet is not rocket science. All you need is a user-friendly website. And no, launching a digital resource does not require huge investments, coding skills, and the help of developers. It is a feasible task with free Elementor themes. You get a full-fledged WordPress resource with a catchy design and quite decent functionality using layouts.

What do you need to know about one of the most popular page builders? Where to find impressive Elementor templates, and what is special about them? What are the advantages of premium products, and how to choose the best option? This article reveals all the cards and secrets. Figure out all the details and get started as soon as possible!

Why Do Users Appreciate WordPress Elementor?

WordPress is one of the most requested CMS. It allows you to launch a high-quality web page with powerful functionality, even for a beginner in IT. Elementor helps to cope with this task. It is a builder that turns complex coding into easy drag and drop. The visual editor simplifies product building and saves users from time-consuming work.

Clients rate Elementor highly due to its speed, convenience, and richness in functions. It is good for beginners because it does not require coding skills and IT knowledge. At the same time, advanced users are more than satisfied with it, thanks to hundreds of cool tools and widgets.

In a nutshell, the plugin has the following advantages:

  • Visually clear interface. You won’t have to spend hours looking for the right tool, as the page builder has an excellent structure and navigation.
  • Lots of widgets. WordPress offers various buttons, sliders, forms, etc., to give your digital page a unique functionality.
  • Elementor template kits. There are many options for creating individual pages and even resource blocks to speed up the process of creating a whole project.
  • Drag and drop editor. Forget about coding and specialist costs. Modify all the details by simply dragging and dropping them.
  • A decent selection of ready-made templates. The builder is quite popular, so developers create layouts daily. For those who do not want to come up with the structure and design on their own, there are thousands of free Elementor themes and premium options.

WordPress Elementor Themes: Main Features

WordPress templates are not deprived of features and tools. They have modern characteristics to provide an eye-catching appearance and rich functionality for the future page. Moreover, the products from the TemplateMonster collection are designed by creative and experienced authors, so do not doubt your success.

The main plus is that both free Elementor themes and premium layouts have an equally powerful set of characteristics. It means that even by choosing freebies, you get an excellent result that attracts customers’ attention. Check out the list of the main advantages and see for yourself their value:

  • Responsive. These days, more and more people prefer to swipe from their smartphones or tablets anywhere they want. Thanks to responsiveness, all the details look correct on any device and guarantee a great look on all devices.
  • SEO friendly. They are easy to SEO settings and provide effective promotion through search engines.
  • Performance optimization. The products are powerful and work quickly and without errors.
  • Retina-ready. Pictures and graphic elements remain bright and clear even on iPhone and Mac displays.
  • Google Maps integration. Products allow you to place a tag with your company’s location. So customers do not have to spend hours looking for a route.
  • Blog module. Write articles on the topics of your business and increase the traffic of the resource several times.
  • Convenient gallery. WordPress Elementor templates offer the brilliant placement of photos and images.
  • WPML-ready. Add multiple languages ​​to reach audiences all over the world.
  • Portfolio. A great way to present yourself on the Internet and attract as many employers as possible.

Who May Use Free Elementor Themes? 

Many fear that freebies are not versatile enough and do not suit a wide range of companies. It is partly true. Despite the rather powerful functionality of products, they are not the best option for large companies or corporations. Because they don’t provide many of the required premium plugins and tools, you’ll have to pay extra to reach your goal.

However, do not rush to pass by. For some purposes, these layouts are enough. The advantages available allow you to build a decent project for a small or medium audience. Of course, resources for nothing haven’t cool bells and whistles. But despite this, it has basic functions, high-quality graphics, and a stylish design. In short, they are the perfect solution for:

  1. Personal blog or portfolio. If you are an aspiring writer or coach, then no-cost themes are a brilliant solution to showcase your accomplishments.
  2. Educational project. Want to surprise your teacher by defending your work? Showcase your skills and strengths with an amazing website.
  3. A draft version of a large resource. If this is your first time working with a visual editor, start your acquaintance with products without charge. This way, you get the basic skills to move up to the premium options.
  4. Small company. If you are a team of young professionals looking for ways to make a name for themselves without investment, then try free WordPress layouts. The development of the company and the flow of customers are guaranteed.

Top 10 Free Elementor Themes from TemplateMonster

There is a large selection of ready-made, premium, and conventional solutions on the Internet. The choice is so great that any entrepreneur or company finds an option suitable for their purpose. However, sometimes this causes a problem. Users often cannot decide and choose the best product from a variety of impressive solutions. If you are one of those, then this collection is for you. Check out the top 10 free Elementor themes and start your business right now!

Worky Lite – Trendy Architect Company 

Worky Lite Free Elementor Theme

You need a spectacular online presence to attract clients if you are a team of creative architects. Worky lite is a great solution for this task. The template has a modern appearance, visually clear structure, and easy navigation. Modern animations and high-quality graphics complement a wide range of features. And all this at no additional cost! Pay attention to the following advantages:

  • Google Maps;
  • image carousel;
  • fonts;
  • cool icons.

Tourizto – Travel Agency Digital Project

Tourizto - Free Elementor Themes

What does it take to be a successful travel company? Hot deals, friendly staff, and a convenient resource. The last thing Tourizto free Elementor theme provides more than enough. The template has a catchy look and is equipped with unique tools. The homepage with an attractive picture immediately brings to mind thoughts about the rest and reveals the agency’s message. In addition to a thoughtful look, the product offers cool features such as responsiveness, search form, etc. Do not doubt that such a winning combination is doomed to success. More functions:

  • performance optimization;
  • drag and drop editor;
  • blog module;
  • gallery;
  • contact form.

Webion – Minimal Website

Webion - Free Elementor Themes

How about a minimalist appearance for your budding SMM company? Webion is an excellent solution to present your team and place all the necessary information without clogging the page. The product is fully responsive, so all elements look great on any device. In addition, it offers many opportunities for users’ convenience. There are Google Maps, stylish icons, various web forms, the ability to add a video or photo, and so on. Easy editing and quick work are also included.

Pay attention to the following advantages:

  • testimonials;
  • image carousel;
  • blog module;
  • tabs.

Fair Wind – Car Repair Business Mockup

Fair Wind - Free Elementor Themes

Do you want to advertise your car repair shop and get more customers effectively? With it, you easily achieve this goal. A bright, eye-catching homepage starts the introduction of your service to customers. In addition, there are well-structured additional pages for the blog, services, testimonials, and company information. A convenient booking form allows users to book a time and sign up for car repairs. And another cool thing is that it is fully customization without coding knowledge and IT experience. Other features are:

  • modern icons;
  • background video;
  • Google Maps;

MediCare – Excellent Free Elementor Theme

MediCare - Free Elementor Themes

MediCare is an excellent solution for a small medical clinic that wants to gain regular customers. It has a perfect structure, so all the information looks harmonious. There are ready-made pages for different purposes. You introduce visitors to the clinic’s services, work schedule, and team of doctors, and even post an appointment form. Other than that, the main pros include:

  • cool animations;
  • contact form;
  • icons.

Paradise – Awesome Free Elementor Theme

Paradise - Free Elementor Themes

Paradise is ideal for a hotel whose team wants customers to be able to find all the information they need and make their bookings in a short amount of time. A vivid, attention-grabbing homepage is the starting point for customers to get to know your hotel. With a chic look, the product offers great strengths such as responsiveness, SEO optimization, search form, etc. Rest assured that such a winning combination is doomed to success. Additional advantages include the following:

  • Google Maps;
  • cool icons;
  • contact form;
  • image carousel.

Furnicom – Trendy Company Mockup

Furnicom - Free Elementor Themes

You need an impactful presence online to attract clients if you are a creative team. With the layout, you effortlessly meet that goal. This template has a stylish and modern appearance. The pages on it have all the essential details you need. For instance, information about your team, contacts, proposals, a gallery of your work, and more. Do you think that’s it? Here’s what else it offers:

  • Google Maps;
  • blog module;
  • modern icons;
  • web fonts.

BuildWall – Construction Website

BuildWall - Free Elementor Themes

The company’s success lies in its work’s quality and its clear, informative, and user-friendly page. BuildWall provides pre-made pages to post basic information about your company, services and prices, recent projects in a handy gallery, and even blog articles. In addition, there is a contact form to be constantly in touch with customers and receive their suggestions or recommendations. Moreover, the advantages of this mockup are as follows:

  • image carousel;
  • background video;
  • Google Maps.

IronMass – Attractive Sports Studio Free Elementor Theme 

IronMass - Elementor WordPress Theme

Congratulations, the best gym or sports studio project layout is right before your eyes! This product is perfect because it shows your customers what services you provide, what your prices are, what articles you write, what equipment you have in your gym, and much more. All elements look superb on various devices as the product is responsive. Furthermore, it offers many user-friendly features. There are Google Maps, the ability to add a video or photo, SEO optimization, and so on. Pay attention to the following advantages:

  • image carousel;
  • contact form;
  • blog module;
  • cool icons.

Emily Benson – Minimalistic Photography Digital Resource

Emily Benson Elementor WordPress Theme

Creative work always requires an innovative approach to making a first impression. With the layout, you easily create an engaging digital resource that helps attract many customers. As the template has a sleek minimalist look, all the information is easy to read and eye-catching. In two clicks, you tell your customers about yourself, show your work, and showcase your expertise. These are not all the charms of this product. Pay attention to such as:

  • Retina ready;
  • SEO-friendly;
  • contact form.

Free Elementor Themes VS Premium Templates

Are you a large company with a wealth of experience or an enthusiastic start-up company? Do you want to implement your project as quickly and successfully as possible to increase your Internet visibility and make yourself known? The best solution – is premium layouts. You ask whether it makes sense to buy an item when there are freebies. There are three reasons why a paid option is a worthy investment:

  1. The biggest advantage – is the support of professionals. If something suddenly goes wrong – don’t worry: the team of WordPress professionals is already in a hurry to help you!
  2. All the features you need and more. With the premium version, you won’t waste time looking for extra widgets and plugins since all the tools are at your fingertips.
  3. Uniqueness. Do you want your page to have its own identity and be unlike others? The premium mockup you purchase has a unique outfit.

Suppose your company is actively searching for a template for a creative, modern, and one-of-a-kind website. In that case, it’s time to present you with a selection of 10 premium WordPress themes from TemplateMonster.

Webion Pro – Stylish Business Mockup

Webion Pro Elementor Theme

Are you one of those companies that needs a discreet but stylish and eye-catching design? Then look at the Webion. It is an easy-to-use and versatile. You install it in a one-click operation, and as a bonus, you receive a high-quality image pack. Moreover, this solution is SEO-optimised, ensuring effective search engine marketing. There are also the following advantages:

  • WPML-ready;
  • well documented;
  • 50 extra widgets;
  • professional support.

Angel – Perfect WordPress Beauty Studio 

Angel - Free Elementor Themes

Have you ever thought that before choosing your company, a client will look at how professional and stylish your resource is? Angel – the ultimate template for a beauty salon. The colors and fonts here are developed to be as welcoming as possible so that your customers are sure to choose your service. Moreover, Angel has many pros, such as custom widgets and limitless color options. Other than that, the main pros include:

  • owl carousel;
  • WooCommerce integrated;
  • future updates.

Fruits Store – Colorful Premium Option

Fruits Store Elementor WordPress Theme

Do you want your web page to look as attractive and striking as the product you offer? Then this WordPress option is definitely for your company! The interface is clear for your employees. Don’t worry if you have any doubts or problems. The support team is happy to help you. In addition, the WordPress theme is easy to use, so customers quickly find all the information they are interested in, discover your business and place an order online. Here’s what else this product offers:

  • code optimization;
  • SEO optimization;
  • service package;
  • high performance.

Kleenr – Cleaning Company Template

Kleenr - Free Elementor Themes

This premium WordPress product would be perfect for businesses offering their services, particularly cleaning companies. In it, you customize everything to your liking in a couple of clicks. Changing the website’s color or updating the logo is not a problem. Since it has an attractive, colorful look, all the information is easy to read and eye-catching. Note the following advantages:

  • detail documentation with step by step video;
  • images included with demo;
  • Elementor page builder;
  • one-click demo import.

Attorna – Understated Website Mockup

Attorna - Free Elementor Themes

Are you looking for a stylish yet serious and understated style for your website? Pay attention to the Attorna premium WordPress solution. As you can see, it is created for firms dealing with law, finance, and similar areas. Since content is adapted automatically to any screen format, your customers are free to browse your site on any type of smartphone. It is extremely easy to use, so you design a stunning website without touching a single coding line. Note the following benefits:

  • latest WordPress version compatibility;
  • SEO-friendly;
  • WooCommerce capability;
  • WPML translator.

Dogi – Pet Business WordPress Page

Dogi - Free Elementor Themes

If you love animals, especially dogs, look at Dogi. It is created for a grooming company, but you easily redesign it to suit your needs using all the necessary tools. The contrasting, vibrant colors are great for perfect digital page creation. This product is easy to use and visually pleasing. You put all the necessary information about your company. If any problems arise, professional support is always at hand. Have a look at what else it offers:

  • custom icons;
  • RTL ready;
  • 50+ ready blocks;
  • 8+ home page.

Newsever Pro – Fascinating News Magazine Layout

Newsever Pro - Free Elementor Themes

This mockup would be ideal for a team looking to create an engaging news platform. With all the tools you need, you create a user-friendly website in two clicks. Note that it is translate-ready, so it’s easy to convert it to any language you wish to use. Moreover, the site is supportable on any smartphone, as the option is fully-responsive. Check out the other functions:

  • easy to set up;
  • regular updates;
  • cross-browser compatibility.

Lux Hotel – Hotel Website Premium Mockup

Lux Hotel - Elementor Theme

Have you been dreaming of an effortless and user-friendly but also trendy and attractive outfit for your hotel web page for a long time? TemplateMonster is always welcome to help you. Content automatically adapts to any screen resolution, so your visitors may access your website from any smartphone. Moreover, this mock-up is SEO optimized, ensuring effective promotion via search engines. Professional support is on hand to help you in the event of problems. Here are the other characteristics:

  • one-click installer;
  • responsive;
  • Retina-ready.

MyNFTs – Stylish Web Page 

MyNFTs - Elementor Theme

If you’re the first to catch global trends and are an NFT creator, then it is definitely for you! This layout is highly user-friendly, while the site’s design is eye-catching and looks extremely striking. MyNFTs – NFT Creator premium WordPress theme is based on the Elementor page builder, which reduces your efforts in customizing the desired pages to a minimum. Note also the following advantages:

  • documentation;
  • drag and drop editor;
  • future updates;

Trucky – Logistics Business Premium Theme

Trucky - Free Elementor Themes

Are you looking for a stylish, modern, user-friendly website foundation? The Logistics WordPress theme is a perfect choice. As you can see, this mock-up was designed for a logistics company, but if you want, tailor it to your business in a few clicks. You receive professional support, uniqueness, and all the tools you need to create content without coding. Other advantages are:

  • over 50 extra widgets;
  • high-quality image pack;
  • SEO-friendly;
  • WPML-ready;
  • well documented.

Wrapping up

As you can see, free Elementor themes are a great solution for a start-up company or personal blog. They have an attractive look and decent functionality that allows you to build a user-friendly web page. In addition, they are easily editable so that even newcomers to IT can handle them.

Premium layouts are at your disposal if you want a multifunctional resource. They include a package of paid plugins such as JetPlugins, Revolution Slider, etc. The products are reasonably priced and guarantee excellent quality.

Weigh the pros and cons and choose the best option for your company. Check out the collection and get started now!