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Previously, people created a one-page site mainly to promote one product. More and more companies want to get a portal that would be very similar to a one-page website but with all the full sections. This approach is used to accurately, concisely, and successfully tell the world about your firm. At the same time, it doesn’t matter at all what exactly the company produces or what services it provides. This current refers rather to the general trend of web design. Indeed, more free landing page templates on the market have huge popularity.

In this article, we want to briefly tell you about the one-page templates, their main benefits, some tips for making a successful website, and some best of new products among ready-made layouts.

The Evolution Of Web Design And Themes

Previously, getting an appearance for an online store or company was a long and expensive task. Business owners spend a lot of money on the work of web designers and programmers. Consequently, only large firms could afford such a pleasure and a convenient, client-oriented, useful portal. Fortunately, the so-called themes appeared quite a long time ago.

These templates are incredibly easy to manage. Consider what it is using free landing page templates as an example.

These offers (whether with or without pay-per-download) apply a new and completely different appearance after installation. Consequently, an online store or website takes on a new look.

A distinctive feature is that there are numerous possibilities for editing. Although many people download it, there is still a chance to give individuality to your web page by customizing the layout according to your corporate style.

The following functions are available for changing the style:

  • Choice of colour schemes. These are ready-made combinations and solutions. Applied immediately after the setting is made.
  • Font selection from Google. Time-tested and well proven, they are of different styles and readability. You can also apply different shades.
  • Layouts editing. Here, perhaps, premium landing page templates win. After all, everyone has the Drag and Drop technology. Not all freebies have a function in their arsenal of settings. Its essence lies in the fact that you can hold down some components and move them to the desired location. Note that earlier, this was possible only by editing the code. Therefore, it was necessary to have knowledge and skills in the programming field.

Thus, after installing the design, you edit it according to your wishes.

Five Important Points for a Good Landing Page

The correct arrangement of information. 

There’s no secret that the structure should tell the visitor about the proposition starting from the main one. Moving down the homepage, the user finds out the details. That is, it isn’t necessary to begin your presentation of the service with the characteristics and technical aspects of window installation. Also, never place bright and veiled slogans on the entire first screen to increase the time spent on the site. It’s pointless. From the very first seconds, a person should understand what you offer. The user gets familiar with the topic even when browsing the advertisement.

Single stylized solution. 

It concerns the theme selection, its color, and the font style. An important point is a step when considering whether the appearance is combined with the company logo.

Also, take a look at your offer. If you sell sofas made in a classic style, choosing free landing page templates in a modern, concise, high-tech design will be unsuitable.

Build the appearance of your business type.

The website template should provide all the tools for a successful business. For example, if a visitor can order goods online, you need an order form, a shopping cart, and online payment possibilities. If selling doors, then the departure of the measurer is mandatory. Therefore, there must be an online consultant, a callback form, and an online function for recording a measurement.

An excellent option is to visit the marketplace TemplateMonster. There are whole collections of free and premium ones for different business types.

Develop a clear offer.

The sale depends on how profitable and understandable it is. It’s great if the potential audience immediately understands what exactly and how much it costs. For example, a gold ring with a 1-carat diamond and VVC3 clarity is worth $2,500.

Present information as simply as possible.

Some activities are difficult enough for the average person to understand. After all, you are primarily writing for him. There is no need to use a lot of terminologies that are understandable only to a specialist. Write to people, and they won’t have rejection or misunderstanding.

Best New Free Landing Page Templates

In this article, we decided to tell you some cool new options that help create an incredible resource where you’ll do business. Choose TemplateMonster as a marketplace.

This decision is very thoughtful. After all, the marketplace has the following features:

  • Constant updating of the propositions’ list.
  • Only the best developers and proposals from them.
  • Great prices and regular sales on premium landing page templates.
  • Convenient filters, thanks to which you find what you are searching for.

We’ll also say right away that we have included new developments in the review for the following reasons:

  • There are goods that no one has downloaded yet. Therefore, you’ll be a unique first owner.
  • Products take into account the latest trends in the field of website creation. So, a modern and stylish appearance is guaranteed.
  • They may not be in the TOP bestsellers or best offers, as the number of downloads is not yet high enough, and there are no user reviews.

So, let’s get down to the most interesting – consider what’s new on the market.


Elora - Free Landing Page Templates

We’ll discover Elora first. This development belongs to the category of free landing page templates HTML. Quite simple and understandable. The Demo shows how the changes for different devices. Conciseness, maximum readability – it’s all about development. There are necessary sections – Blog, Gallery, Portfolio. Perfect for modeling business, actors, and creative people, where you need to present yourself.

One Solutions

One Solutions - One-page Template

This proposal is suitable for serious financial and credit business structures. It also goes well with consulting, jurisprudence, and producing various proposals.

It has:

  • SEO-friendly (which isn’t often found among items without payment).
  • Responsive and simply adapts to different screens.
  • Bootstrap.
  • Owners can upload a video to the background.

That is, you get a completely multifunctional purchase.


Known - One-Page Template

Ideal for distance and online courses. In doing so, you’ll be able to offer rates and specific destinations directly on the homepage.

The development is classified as premium, although it doesn’t require a fee.

These development owners use WordPress landing page templates because it suits everyone who uses HTML.

With the layout, you can make a full-fledged portal and have important sections. For example, Contacts, Our teachers, and Courses.


Freeman Landing Page

Light shades and warm shades give a positive charge after a preview. This proposal is similar in appearance to the first. However, light colors prevail here.

Has Bootstrap, all sections are responsive. The developer positions his item as a multi-purpose one. Models perfectly present a specific person. It can serve as a portfolio.

Happy Box

HappyBox - Free Landing Page Templates

Bright, positive, colorful, stylish, functional – that’s how we describe the layout. The free landing page templates WordPress category became one of the best. Indeed, the coloring is excellent and suits many businesses. Read the description and specifications and understand. You’ll get much more with the new design.

Key features and technical improvements include:

  • Responsive.
  • Retina-Ready to cover all screen types.
  • Light template.
  • Dropdown Menu for an even more modern appearance.
  • Sample content.
  • Quick Start Package.
  • 5 HTML plus JS.

Therefore, if the Happy Box suits you, you need to download it urgently.


Primo Smith - Free Personal Landing Page Templates

A distinctive feature is that among the free landing page templates html5, not so often, there are several designs with ready-made layouts at once. However, Primo has such a feature. Having entered the Demo, the developer proposes more than five ready-made solutions simultaneously for completely different activity types.

There are cool animated effects, the ability to put a video background, a ready-made version for a blogger, and a great option for offices.


This proposition is focused on creating a portfolio. It’s quite logically structured and easy to design. So, you get the main focus on your work.

Suitable for photographers, designers, architects, models, actors, artists, sculptors, and musicians.

It has bright accents, so it dilutes the black background.

Also, if you upload your photo, it’ll be immediately clear what you are making (for example, a finished painting).


GYM - Free Landing Page Templates

The purpose readers can see in the title itself. GYM is great for promoting and advertising fitness studios, yoga classes, strength training, individual sports trainers, gyms, and sports clubs.

The appearances are bright, dynamic, and catchy. The GYM is very youthful.

There are separate sections where the owner talks about his courses, approximate cost, special trainers, conditions, and location.


Simplixe - Free Landing Page Templates

At first glance, the proposition seems to have nothing special. However, it isn’t. Having entered the development preview section, you see that the creator provided two versions at once – dark and light.

It’s very convenient when you have not yet decided on the main message that the design should carry. The

Simplixe is quite restrained and has simple lines and a modern interpretation.

Responsive, as always, layouts are great in different versions. Watch the preview on your smartphone, tablet, and laptop, and you’ll get the point.


Business Agency - Free Landing Page Templates

This proposal is for offices, banks, consulting, and IT firms. Strict, but not boring, where blue details are used – which is already original.

Among the features, you’ll find the following:

  • Invariably on TemplateMonster – Responsive.
  • Bootstrap.
  • Retina Ready to make sure it looks great on any device.
  • Mobile version included.
  • The lightweight theme for speed improvement.
  • Google Map, where you can specify the company’s location.
  • Blog, Gallery included.
  • HTML5.
  • Parallax.

If the item fits your style and corporate colors, then download it.

Reasons To Buy Premium Landing Page Themes And Examples

Say, why buy something that is easily downloaded in the public domain? The question is weighty. Let’s break down and understand the main features of premium landing page templates.

Key visual highlights include:

  • More color options. Firms that create products often complete the purchase with several schemes at once. Moreover, applying them is easy, with just a couple of clicks.
  • More modern performance.
  • A lot of cool graphics.

Also, it downloads a much smaller number of users. Therefore, the chance of being unique is higher.

Additional Points

Technical and other benefits are as follows:

  • A few options for the homepage to choose from.
  • SEO friendly. It helps you move forward and reach TOP positions.
  • Drag and Drop. Previously, people could do editing only by climbing into the site code and changing it. Only programmers had such skills. It means that a person with no experience could freely use the themes. Today the problem is solved. Regardless of programming skills, anyone moves individual parts of the sections without issues, using only a computer mouse.
  • Additional possibilities. The situation depends on the item itself and what exactly is included. It’s a subscription to news, the ability to make purchases and pay online, multilingualism, and a built-in online consultant. Also, a package of high-definition pictures. That’s why it’s important always to read the description. Even if, at first glance, it’s no different from the previous ones.
  • Detailed documentation on usage. It’s divided into sections and paragraphs. The structure seems logical, and readers easily find the necessary instructions. With such a document, it’s simple to deal with editing, content filling, and settings.

Thus, there are several differences. Below we created a list of successful novelties among premium landing page templates.

Focus Digital

Focus digital - Free Landing Page Templates

Let’s consider the first example. What catches your eye is a large prominent and impressive slider, a picture in the background. Below we see animated effects. The main decor is very calm. The development is perfect for offices and businesses. Advertising agencies, PR studios, consulting, lawyers, financial structures, b2b, office equipment, and business development – isn’t a complete list of the potential audience.

The price is incredible and very low. There are additional services. You’ll see them next to every proposition.

The theme is light in weight, adaptive for devices, and prepared for SEO promotion in search engines.


Grefood - HTML5 Landing Page Template

The first impression makes the reader start to drool. See Demo. The product is intended for the delivery of food and dishes.

The potential audience of Grefood looks like this:

  • fresh food delivery,
  • handmade confectionery,
  • homemade chocolate and sweets,
  • Italian food delivery,
  • environmentally friendly food.

The decor is simple but not boring. There are nice bright colors. The cost is only $21. Good news for those who want excellent results at an affordable price.


Mytravel - Free Landing Page Templates

Travel agencies are delighted with this appearance’s interpretation. Not in vain, to demonstrate a development example, landscapes of another country were placed at the top. Thus, the creator company hints at how cool, thematic, and stylish the future portal looks.

Mytravel is a classic among premium landing page templates. The settings are incredibly flexible. Therefore, even other activity types find the design interesting and profitable.

Among the features and technical improvements are the following:

  • Built with HTML5 & CSS3.
  • Google Fonts at the discretion of the buyer.
  • Easy to customize – instructions are always helpful.
  • Fully Responsive, just like other offers.
  • Free Images are a great bonus. You may use the attachments for other purposes as well. For example, launching an advertising campaign printed materials and flyers.
  • Browser Compatibility. Each has its characteristics. But no matter which browser the user opens the future site with, it’ll look equally good.
  • Fully customizable – edit to your heart’s content.
  • Modern and creative.
  • Working ajax form.

Excellent purchase. Worth buying.


Zinouba - Free Landing Page Templates

Better to see once than hear a hundred times. See Demo. It has several appearance options at once. It’s very convenient because you don’t always fully understand what you get before buying. On the Demo, you see what the video looks like in the background, picture, and discover Blog.

Read also the description. It has great features:

  • A responsive layout is a must-have for any online business.
  • 10 Color skins – the breadth of choice are a distinctive feature of premium themes.
  • Bootstrap.
  • Light/Dark. The company even proposes such options.
  • Four different homepages. Get even more opportunities to create a unique and stylish impression.
  • Live style switcher.
  • Clean code is a hallmark of paid proposals.
  • W3C Validator.
  • Cross-browser compatible. We have talked about the function earlier.
  • 100% customizable. So, you edit until you get the desired result.
  • Creative portfolio.
  • Masonry grid.
  • Font awesome icons. A great chance to create a modern and full-fledged portal, emphasizing the features in detail.
  • The blog section allows you to get organic clicks from search engines. Write articles for the Blog and include keywords in the texts.

Simple, clear, and modern option. An example of excellent and high-quality modern web design classics.

Technu – Personal CV

Technu - Personal One-Page CV

Want to create a one-page website where you promote yourself as a professional in a certain field? Technu – Personal CV is the right option.

The color scheme is dominated by blue, perfect for women and men. Such a format for submitting information about examples of work and services is an excellent way to popularize art objects and your techniques for creating sculptures and paintings. Even the IT industry finds Technu – Personal CV suitable. All the same, it has a modern note in appearance.


LittleApps - Free Landing Page Templates

LittleApps template suits most activities. Dark, with a stylish Parallax effect, and incredibly cool. You’ll find everything you need in the options.

Unlike free landing page templates, LittleApps is modern and technological. See Demo and make your choice. The price for a personal license is affordable and would be great news.


Jawan - One-Page Template

Such a project will suit many, even the promotion of cryptocurrency operations. A distinctive feature is an incredible number of versions to choose from. For one amount, you receive nine pieces of ready-made projects for installation.

Some of the offerings have two, and others have six homepage versions. Javan is profitable and economical in the end.


NFTWorld - Free Landing Page Templates

As you can see from the name, the company initially planned an item for firms related to digital products and services. Bright and fashionable, modern and youthful, and many color accents – these are the main features.

We think this presentation also suits computer games and equipment for players.

Drum Band

Drums Band - Free Landing Page Templates

We haven’t seen such a solution for a long time. Bright pink details create an incredibly romantic, daring, and kindly creative atmosphere for performers, bands, and concert ticket sellers.

Technical capabilities meet high standards and help in building a high-tech portal.


CarReparts - Free Landing Page Templates

Designed for car dealers, auto dealerships, vehicle rentals, tuning, and repair services. The stylish dropdown menu impresses the visitor.

The price attracts at first sight. Note that the product is brand new, and you’ll be the first customer. If at the time of publication of our article, the situation doesn’t change.


After reviewing all the options, we conclude that all items are worthy of attention. Of course, you’ll get more editing options, settings, and embedded technologies for the money. However, the TemplateMonster marketplace proposes many worthy, high-quality options without a budget.