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We continue bringing more and more free templates and here is another sample of our splendour - a high quality free business template. Let's call it 'Team Three'. Our free business templates are actually an excellent option for developing corporate website or perhaps a website for small or medium business. Our team of editors devote precious time and efforts to choose the free templates by hand and ensure that they are of high quality. Oh well, now tell me - why bother? Free means inferior quality, doesn't it? Are free corporate templates good for anything? I'm not boasting, however, really, the majority of our free web templates are not only attractive but also standards compliant, i.e. valid HTML/CSS. Can you imagine a seasoned professional creating some crappy stuff? If you can, pity on you. As for me, I've never seen a web designer ready to harm his / her name by spitting out lousy designs. A time for bit of explanation. Not all of the free web templates have been created equal. In truth, there are some which are of inferior quality or some that arrived to us from ugly 90's. However what you see on our website is a collection (see, we picked them, not just grabbed anything we could reach for) of professional superior quality pre-made designs, i.e. superior quality free templates. Honestly, some of them tend to be better yet than premium paid-for templates. That no doubt is determined by who designed the web template. There are beginners, students, self-proclaimed gurus (lol, more often than not - merely some schoolboy with lots of imagination and lack of experience) and there are those people who are seasoned old soldiers of web design and web development. And those real experts don't spend all their time earning loads of money as you might have imagined - occasionally they design a few free website templates just for the sake of the art :). Creating a web template is not always easy - it's not than any schoolboy who's discovered Photoshop can put on filters can create a website template by cutting and pasting components of his treasured MySpace pages. Qualified designers have spent years learning and practicing, learning the design theory and specific applications of design theory for web page developing. Nowadays free templates in many cases are not only identical in terms of quality but can actually be better than some older premium web templates. All of us are here to make sure that you find the free business template that will fit your internet venture best of all. Only the best corporate templates at Website Templates

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