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Behold! The latest free personal website template has arrived! The web design template is called 'Helping Hands'. Anyone who's planning to build a site for personal web page - those people will find our free personal website templates to be the best solution for their needs. All and every templates within our set will need to pass the quality control to ensure that it's got appropriate HTML/CSS and doesn't look like it's a web page design ghost right out of the nineties. Oh well, now tell me - why bother? Free suggests inferior quality, right? Are free personal site templates worth anything? Definitely, virtually all of our free web templates are quite similar to the premium web templates in the terms of quality. There are lots of websites to look for free website templates but only here at WebsiteTemplatesOnline you will find a collection of whopping 1000 free web designs from all over the world. Not every one of the free templates available on the webmaster websites and webmaster forums are of good quality, but a lot of them are pretty good and many are practically as good as as premium or even better. You don't need to be a mega-brain to figure out that the quality of the web template typically is determined by the degree of the web designer's expertise. Be it a beginner you might find it not that much of a value but there are lots of skilled designers who develop free templates as their own hobby projects or simply out of pure humanism and desire to help make the world a better place. Why do people use website templates? Just for a similar reason that people wear prÐ?Ð?t-Ð? -porter clothes. It's faster, it's inexpensive and the quality is not worse than that of fashion house clothes or restaurant food. Web templates are simply a pre-made website design - ready to use (with minimal fine-tuning) right after the download. Need I give an explanation of what is totally obvious - hiring web designer for custom web design is often slower and more troublesome than using a website template. It is more cost effective than custom web design (unless you know some secret steps to obtain quality design for next to nothing - if you do, I'm begging you to tell me the secret) We hope that our free personal website template is just what you were looking for your personal website.

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