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Observe! The completely new free nature template is here! Like the name of the website template - 'Green Park'. Our free nature templates are day-savers for the site owners that are searching for a web design solution for his or her green internet site. We, the editors, analyze the free website templates prior to we add it to our gallery to ensure we provide you with just the top quality web designs. Exactly what good is a free nature template? I'm not really bragging, but, truly, the majority of our free web templates are not only beautiful but also standards compliant, i.e. valid HTML/CSS. Who needs a tailor-made web design? Usually the one who has enough money for it. And, well, enough time. Since it requires plenty of both. Now a small or medium online business could go just fine with a website template. Hey there, wake up - plenty of (in fact, millions) of websites utilize website templates. Plus you know what? No, they don't look and feel similar due to there being such thing as customization! Not every one of the free templates available on the webmaster resources websites and webmaster forums are of good quality, but some of them are pretty good and many are nearly just the same as premium or even better. No need to be a mega-brain to understand that the quality of the web template typically depends on the degree of the web designer's professionalism. Be it a beginner you might find it not that much of a value but there are plenty of professional designers who develop fre website templates as their own hobby projects or perhaps out of pure humanism and desire to help make the world a better place. Why do website owners use website templates? That's among the list of similar puzzles of why folks wear prÐ?Ð?t-Ð? -porter clothes or eat pre-processed food. It's faster, it's inexpensive and the quality is not worse compared to fashion house clothes or restaurant food. Web templates are nothing more than a pre-made website design - ready to use (with minimal fine-tuning) immediately after the download. Need I explain what is totally obvious - recruiting web designer for custom design is often slower and more complicated as opposed to using a web template. It is less expensive as compared to custom web design (unless you know some secret hints to get quality design for next to nothing - if you do, I'm begging you to unveil the secret) We hope that our free nature template is what you were hoping to find for your green website.

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