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Now discover yet another free simple template out of our selection. Let's call it 'Cattleya'. Our free simple templates really are an excellent option for designing blog Ð?±nternet site or a site for content oriented online business. Our editors invest a good part of working day browsing online for new free templates. Furthermore, we also validate the HTML and CSS and make sure that apart from visually pleasant appearance the template is not hard to customize and is up to current coding requirements. Exactly what good is a free clean style template? I'm not boasting, but, really, the majority of our free web templates are not only attractive but also standards compliant, i.e. valid HTML/CSS. You've almost certainly seen hundreds of websites featuring free templates. How is Website Templates Online better? Well i guess, numbers game - we've got a selection of 1000 free web templates. And that's not all - we are updating them every day. Not every one of the free web templates available on the webmaster resources websites and webmaster message boards are of good quality, but a lot of them are pretty decent and many are almost as good as as premium or even better. No need to be a genius to learn that the quality of the web template typically is determined by the level of the web designer's professionalism. There can be amateurs, students, self-proclaimed gurus (hehe, often times - merely some schoolboy with lots of imagination and lack of experience) and there are those people who are seasoned veterans of website design and web development. And those true gurus don't spend all their time earning loads of dollars as you may have imagined - from time to time they create a few free web templates just from the love of the art :). So why do people use web templates? That's among the many similar enigmas of why people wear pre-made clothes or consume pre-processed food. Basic reasons behind folks deciding on the product is "it solves the problem, it satisfies the need, it's cheaper, it saves time and effort". Web themes are nothing more than a pre-made website design - ready to use (with minor tweaking) promptly after the download. It is really faster than hiring a web designer for custom design. You simply can't picture just how much faster it is :) Lots of webmasters stay faithful to web templates as they proved to be the most popular web design solution in terms of ROI. A premade web template is something that can assist you to establish a website right away spending time on adding content and letting the template take care of the site's visual appeal. We hope that our free simple template is exactly what you were seeking for your blog website.

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