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Out of the blue - the fresh new free simple template right here, right for you. Let's call it 'Broad Sheet'. Our free simple templates are day-savers for the site owners who are trying to find a design solution for his or her simple site. So how precisely do we get free website templates into our collection? Our team search the online world for template designers which offer free website templates and we hand-pick the best examples of their templates in order to be featured in our selection. We then check it to be standards compliant and valid - only after that it becomes available to our website visitors. Exactly what good is a free clean style template? Certainly, virtually all of our free templates are quite similar to the premium web themes in the terms of quality. Each time a free website template is developed by a expert designer it is of premium quality just because no professional would like to ruin his/her name by delivering poor designs. Not every one of the free website templates available on the web websites and webmaster community forums are of proper quality, but a lot of them are pretty good and many are virtually just the same as premium or even better. That for sure depends on who made the web template. There can be newbees, students, self-proclaimed gurus (hahah, often times - merely some schoolboy with lots of imagination and lack of experience) and there are those who are experienced old soldiers of website design and web development. And those real experts don't spend all their time earning loads of money as you might have thought - sometimes they design a few free templates just from the love of the art :). Free doesn't imply substandard quality. Here's this beauty of a template right before you - now, be honest, does it seem like 'low' quality? All of us are here to ensure that you find the free simple template that will suit your web based project best of all. Only best of the best clean style templates at Website Templates

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