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Out of the blue - the new free simple template right here, right for you. Let's call it 'Aggregate'. Our free simple templates are day-savers for the webmasters that are looking for a design solution for their blog site. Just about all and every templates within our selection should pass the quality control to guarantee it has valid HTML/CSS and doesn't appear as if it's a web site design ghost out of the nineties. Oh well, now tell me - why bother? Free suggests substandard quality, doesn't it? Are free clean style templates good for anything? I'm not really bragging, but, truly, most of our free web templates are not only attractive but also standards compliant, i.e. valid HTML/CSS. Each time a free website template is built by a professional designer it is of high quality just because no expert would choose to ruin his/her name by providing poor designs. A place for bit of explanation. Not every one of the free web templates have been created equal. The reality is, there are some that are of inferior quality or some that came to us from ugly 1990's. But what you see on our web site is a selection (see, we picked them, not just grabbed anything we could reach for) of professional high quality pre-made designs, i.e. high quality free templates. In reality, many of them are better yet than premium paid-for design templates. No need to be a genius to understand that the quality of the template typically depends on the degree of the web designer's professionalism. There are amateurs, students, self-proclaimed gurus (hahah, quite often - just some schoolboy with lots of imagination and lack of experience) and there are those who are experienced old soldiers of web design and web development. And those genuine gurus don't spend all their precious time earning loads of bucks as you might have imagined - occasionally they create a couple or more free web templates just for the sake of the art :). Zero cost doesn't imply poor quality. You are looking at this beauty of a web template - now, tell the truth, does it look like 'poor' quality? We hope that our free simple template is what you were looking for your blog website.

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