Website Speed Optimization Service.

It is difficult to deny that, nowadays, many of us live at a fairly fast pace and in multitasking conditions. In such an accelerated rhythm of life, we are always in a hurry and become more impatient. It applies to waiting for a bus or an order and for a web page to load. Surely, you also had to close the site tab if you were not satisfied with the speed of loading a web page. Statistically, most users leave a website page if it does not load for more than 3 seconds. That’s why it’s so important to ensure your website performs well. It is where the Website Speed Optimization Service comes to the rescue.

One of the most important criteria for evaluating the quality of a site is its usability, namely the convenience of working with the site. Usability, in turn, includes site performance, which means the time it takes for a website to load. Time is the most valuable resource in our time, and therefore people do not like to wait. Thus, the low loading speed is directly reflected in the site’s attendance and conversion. Such a website will not generate income and will not gain popularity.

If you want to increase your web resource loading speed significantly, our highly-skilled specialists will make your website lightning fast, improving its performance by about 30 percent. So, let’s take a closer look at all the advantages of the service.

Main Advantages of Website Speed Optimization Service

The purchase of this service will significantly improve your website, which is the key to its promotion and profitability. This service is extremely useful for the site to gain popularity and begin to generate income for its owner.

The Website Speed Optimization Service includes:

  • Preliminary analysis of performance and speed of your website;
  • Optimization of media content and database of your site, including reduction of image sizes, removal of unnecessary plug-ins, etc.;
  • Minimization of source files, namely size reduction of HTML, CSS, and JS files;
  • Compression with browser caching;
  • Detailed progress report.

Now let’s move on to the benefits you get when buying this service.

Media Content Optimization

Website Speed Optimization Service allows you to optimize every image of your website, so our specialists will optimize each of them no matter how many pictures the site contains.

Impressive Site Performance

The main objective of this service is to increase your website’s speed. With this service, we make the most effective website performance improvements without buying a more advanced hosting account or changing the content management system. With an increase in the speed of the site, its conversion and position in the search results are higher. In addition, the service includes image compression, removing unnecessary plug-ins, minimizing source files, enabling compression with browser caching, and optimizing the website’s database. Thus, we can improve site performance by 30 percent.

Increasing Website Traffic

It is important to remember that site users will not waste time waiting when they can simply switch to another resource. Thus, a site with a good loading speed ranks higher in search results, outperforming sites with poorer performance. It leads to an increase in site traffic, which in turn has a positive effect on website conversion.

High Professionalism for a Good Price

Our professional web developers use all possible ways to help you improve your website. For instance, some content management systems provide additional options to increase the loading speed of your site. Performing the website speed optimization service for Prestashop 1.7 websites, we install the JX Accelerated Mobile Page extension free of charge. In the process of optimizing the speed of an OpenCart-based website, we further optimize the site code for faster processing.

Visible Result Guarantee

We guarantee a noticeable result and a truly high-quality service that pleasantly surprises you.

As you can see, it is not necessary to have coding skills to make a profitable website. To do this, you need to trust the experts who will do everything required to create your successful web resource. Our team of talented developers, in turn, guarantees you the high quality of the work performed and an impressive result that you will definitely be satisfied with. Let’s take a closer look at the order fulfillment process and all its stages.

Basic Steps to Optimize Your Website Speed

This process can be divided into three main steps, detailed below.

Discussing Order Details & Obtaining Necessary Data

We start by discussing the details and obtaining the necessary information, namely access details to your site’s admin panel and hosting account. It usually takes about 15 minutes, after which our customization team can get to work.

The Process of Optimizing Your Website

Next comes the process of optimizing the speed of your web resource, the duration of which depends on the content management system you use and can take up to 5 working days. The service supports websites built on popular platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, WooCommerce, OpenCart, Magento, and Prestashop.

Reviewing & Presenting the Final Result

Then we check the site’s performance, informing you about the optimization completion with a detailed report. The final stage takes an average of 15 minutes.