Ready-to-Use Website Service.

Ready-to-Use Website Service to Help You Build Your Dream Website Quickly and Efficiently

Time is the most valuable resource nowadays. And we offer you a great opportunity to save it on the installation and setup of your website. If the installation and configuration process seems confusing and too long, and you want to start using your website as soon as possible, our Ready-to-Use Website Service comes to the rescue. Our highly skilled developers will help you create a perfect, fully operational website in a few days. All you need to do to get a top-notch website is entrust its setup to specialists who will do everything for you, considering all your wishes and requirements.

Creating and customizing your website is not easy, but doing it quickly and efficiently is even more difficult. Some basic requirements for creating a good website include stylish design, simplicity and usability, good navigation, and so on. Comprehensive compliance with all these rules will help you create a high-quality site that will be popular on the Internet and attract more and more new users. Let’s take a closer look at what a website should be to bring you an audience and income.

What Makes a Good Website

For your site to become profitable, you should take a responsible approach to its creation. Some basic website building rules will help you in the process of creating a high-quality web resource.

Classy Design

A significant component of any website is its design, which should be stylish and relevant. Since trends are constantly changing, choosing a design solution that is less likely to lose its relevance shortly is important.

High Performance

It is worth noting that the site’s content should not affect its performance. Users tend to leave a web page if it doesn’t load for more than three seconds, which is why high loading speed is equally important.

Good Usability

A website should be easy to use and navigate so that users do not have to spend a lot of time exploring it and finding the information they need on a web page.

Reliable Security

Last but not least is the security of the website. Ensure that your website and the personal data of its users are securely protected from hacker attacks and fraud.

Quality Content

Website content should also be engaging, informative, and trustworthy.

Now let’s look at all the benefits of this service.

What’s Included in the Website Installation and Setup Service

The service includes the following:

  • Installation of a template on your hosting and consultation on choosing a hosting in case of its absence;
  • Installation and activation of default plugins;
  • Content placement;
  • Adding contact details;
  • Theme customization, including adding a logo and changing the color scheme;
  • Making amendments.

Main Workflow Stages

Discussing Order Details & Getting Information

After confirming the payment, your project manager will contact you to discuss the details and obtain the information necessary to perform the service, including access data, site content, and placement instructions. If you do not have compatible hosting, we assist in choosing and registering a new hosting account. Your project manager will be glad to answer all your questions.

Preparing Your Future Website for Operation

Having received all the necessary data, we proceed to install and configure the template on your hosting. After that, we move on to its customization and content placement. In addition, at any time, you can check the project status with your manager. Website installation and customization usually take approximately 5 to 8 days. Please note that the website’s launch depends on the speed with which possible amendments are likely to be made. The sooner you report necessary corrections, the sooner we will implement them, and you will be able to move on to using the finished site. An earlier launch of the site is possible for an additional fee. Feel free to contact our team to clarify details and set timelines.

Assessing the Final Result & Completion

When everything is ready, we will notify you so that you can check and approve the final results. Two free revisions are available if you want to make any corrections. To avoid misunderstandings, please describe the desired outcome to your project manager in detail, and we will do our best to make you satisfied with the result. After making amendments and final approval, we will send you the login details for the admin panel.

Why Choose Ready-to-Use Website Service by TemplateMonster

Creating a Top-notch Website in the Shortest Time

Our talented developers will do everything for you, including fast and high-quality site setup, customization, and content filling, including adding up to five pages of content and ten blog posts. Our Ready-to-Use Website service will help you get your dream website up and running quickly and easily. Ultimately, you will get the perfect website completely ready to go.

Fast Order Fulfillment

Impressive order fulfillment speed will allow you to start using your website in just 5-8 days.

Higher Rankings in Search Results

Preparing a website for work also implies its search engine optimization. Our experts will ensure that your site ranks higher in search results, which is important for improving traffic and conversion.

Professionalism for an Affordable Price

We want everyone who wants to create a cool website to be able to do this, so we provide professional services at affordable prices.

Website Contact Details Setup

In addition to installing the template and integrating content, we can also add a contact form and maps to your website.