All-in-One Store Setup Service.

All-in-One Store Setup Service for Your Successful Online Business

Creating an online store, like any other website, is a complex and time-consuming task. There are a lot of requirements for an online store site in particular. First, it needs to be filled with content, which in this case are products. In addition, you need to add a characteristic for each product, including price and description. Besides, an online store should be easy to use and navigate and have an attractive web design. Just as importantly, the site pages must be well optimized for search engines for the store to gain popularity and attract new customers. All this requires a lot of effort, but we have a great solution for you that can make creating a profitable online store much easier. Our All-in-One Store Setup Service will help you create a great website for your online business efficiently and quickly.

Dreamed of starting your business on the Internet but did not know where to start because the process seemed too complicated and incomprehensible? Our talented developers are happy to offer you top-notch professional assistance. You will get a customized website for your online store in just ten business days, ready to work and bring you income. So, let’s take a closer look at the benefits of the service and what it includes.

Contents of the Online Store Setup Service Package

There are three service packages available: classic, premium, and quick. The number of services depends on the package you choose. The classic online store setup package includes the following:

  • Template installation on your hosting;
  • Professional assistance in selecting a hosting;
  • Placing goods and other content on the website;
  • Customization of the store theme and menu, including adding a logo, contact information and address, links, and more;
  • Website security improvement;
  • Store setup, including shipping, payment, pricing, and currency information;
  • Spam protection;
  • GDPR & CCPA settings;
  • Google Analytics code integration so you can track and analyze website traffic and conversion;
  • Extra content optimized for search engines;
  • 15 high-quality Depositphotos images.

Now let’s take a look at all the advantages of the service.

How All-in-One Store Setup Services Can Help You Build Your Perfect Online Business

High-quality Store Setup & Content Filling

The main task of this service is the full configuration of your online store and its preparation for work. All-in-One Store Setup Service includes content filling of five web pages. We upload to the site up to 1000 units of goods. In addition, we can also add high-quality images, 1000 words of SEO-optimized content, and ten blog posts. Our developers will do everything for you, considering all your requirements and wishes. Thus, in the shortest possible time, you will receive a full-fledged ready-to-go website filled with your content and all the functions necessary for an online store.


For an online store’s website, good SEO is especially important; otherwise, the traffic and conversion of the store and, accordingly, its profitability will decrease. We offer you search engine optimization for up to 6 web pages, as well as adding additional written content to increase the relevance of your site. Also, with Google Analytics code, you will be able to monitor your store’s traffic.

Spam & Hacker Attack Protection

An equally important aspect when creating any website, especially for business purposes, is to ensure its reliable protection from intruders. All-in-One Store Setup Service includes protecting the website database and personal data of its users from fraud, hacker attacks, and spam.

Impressive Order Fulfillment Speed

Thanks to our high-skilled and competent specialists, it has become possible to create your own full-fledged online store website in 8-12 days.

Workflow Steps for Installing and Configuring Your Online Store

Details Discussion & Data Receipt

After placing an order, your project manager contacts you to discuss the most convenient way for you to maintain communication and send data. After that, you need to provide us with some necessary details, including access data, a CSV file with a product list, logo, texts, images, and website content placement wishes. This step will take approximately 15 minutes. Feel free to ask your project manager more questions. We will install the template on your existing hosting, so you need to provide us with your access data. Please note that your hosting account must match the template requirements. But if you don’t have one yet, we can help you choose and sign up for a new account.

Fulfillment Process & SEO Optimization

After receiving all the data necessary to get started, we install the template on your hosting and proceed to its configuration and customization. We will add your content to the site, including products, pictures, texts, and contact information, change colors if necessary and activate default plugins. In addition, the service also includes site security enhancements, full-featured SEO optimization, as well as a social feed widget, and Google Analytics code integration. Also, you can check the stage of the order fulfillment with your project manager at any time.

Final Result Evaluation

Upon completion, two free revisions will be available to you. You check the operation and design of the website and either approve the final result or notify the project manager of the necessary changes. After making all the amendments and final approval, we provide you with access details, and you get a ready-to-work website for your online store.