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October 10, 2015

20 Latest Free PSD Mockups of 2015 to Present Your Projects with Style

Once you are ready with your web project, you must think about its presentation. In fact, it’s important to approach this issue with due diligence, as the way you present your work has a direct impact on customers’ decision to take it or leave it. However, an effective demonstration of your craft takes a lot of time and requires creativity. And if you put all your time and energy into polishing your design, you may find it challenging to take good care of your project’s showcase. This is when PSD mockups come in handy.

In short, mockups can be defined as scales or full-size models of designs intended for demonstration, assessment, promotion, and similar purposes. With their help, you can show clients the way your project will look in its natural environment and get their feedback on it. What’s cool about mockups besides their realistic look is ease of use. Thanks to their fully customizable Photoshop layers, all you have to do is to embed your artwork into smart objects by simply dragging and dropping, and it’s ready for an exhibition.

Today, you can find different types of mockups, particularly devices, brochures, flyers, posters, business cards, T-shirts, magazines, and others. If you are a web designer striving for a spectacular showcase of your project, check our exclusive set of the latest free mockups of devices. They can be used to display both your overall website design and its certain part. Whether you want to set your work in a larger or smaller frame, our selection has an appropriate option for you. You can choose from desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone mockups. Portable devices can render the responsiveness of your design, that’s why mockups with them are in great demand at present.

Keep in mind that we’ve filled our set solely with free PSD mockups of 2015 developed by trustworthy resources. They have much more cool mockup freebies that were released in previous years. If you like, you can also check them up. Although they are available for free, they still don’t yield to paid alternatives.

So, enough of reading for now. Start looking through our assortment of free device mockups of 2015 below.

Free PSD Mockups of Desktops & Laptops

Let’s start with mockups meant to demonstrate UI designs via large viewports.

iMac Workspace Mockup

latest free psd mockups

This iMac workspace mockup of 2,500 x 2000 px allows for an elegant showcase of your design by means of an Apple desktop. As a bonus, there is also a wall frame spiced up with a photorealistic effect.

* * *

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Wegy and Ketty: Check Updates of Responsive Business and eCommerce Templates

To succeed in a highly competitive online environment, your site must comply with all the modern trends of web development and design. Inspired by this truth, the team behind TemplateMonster has started updating their customers’ favorite themes on a regular basis. Packages of updates include both revised features to enhance your website’s performance and new ones to expand its functional potential. Each package also comes with more ready-made designs for pages of different types and more design variations for one page type. In such a way, the field of themes’ use becomes much broader.

In this post, we’d like to draw your attention to the latest updates of two popular themes dubbed Wegy and Ketty.

Wegy Updates

Let’s start with Wegy. This responsive business Joomla template got the second update not long ago. It’s notable for both new features and pages. Check them one by one below, please.

Video Background

Unlike static imagery, video backgrounds can help you communicate your business idea in action. As motion always catches an eye first of all, video backgrounds never stay out of view.

Smooth Scroll

With the update of this technique, page scrolling has become much smoother than before.

Home Page # 3


The third homepage version features a large video background overlaid with multiple elements. They include a logo, menu, search, captions, and learn-more button. Another highlight of the new homepage design is an image gallery composed of elegant square tiles. By means of a lightbox, you can take a closer look at each picture without leaving the homepage.
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Styler Updates: What’s New in This Exclusive PrestaShop Theme

Not long ago, TemplateMonster developed a number of exclusive PrestaShop themes that are far ahead of other eCommerce designs. The themes are packed with extraordinary front pages, original subpages, completely revised modules, and full dumps of content. Over a comparatively short period, these designs became quite popular among users, which motivated the company’s developers to continue their work on them. Eventually, they updated one of these nonstandard PrestaShop themes dubbed Styler. And today we’d like to focus your attention on its updates. Here is an overview of what Styler’s change log includes.


TM Google Map. The module enables you to add an interactive Google map to your website’s front page. On the map, you can mark addresses of your stores and complement them with short descriptions.

TM Sample Data Installer. Thanks to a renewed version of this module, it will take you only a few easy steps to install the sample data.

TM HTML Content. This module has been updated to provide broader opportunities of design for you. With its help, you can insert ad / info blocks into your site. There are several positions to display content: displayNav, home, top, topColumn, left and right displayLeftColumn / displayRightColumn, footer. Furthermore, this multilingual module can function on multi-store websites.

TM Social Login. By means of this updated module, you can let visitors register and sign in to your site via their Facebook and Google+ accounts.

* * *


TM specialists have also added a number of new pages to Styler. In such a way, you will have all the essentials at hand while building your store. Take a closer look at each of those pages.

About Us Page. Version 2


* * *

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Monstroid: Multiple Extras for a Single Price

You may already know about the most significant release of this year, which is none other than Monstroid. Launched on July 22, this multipurpose WordPress theme has attracted a lot of attention in the community of web designers. So, let’s explore the reasons of agio around Monstroid dubbed a theme on steroids.



First of all, Monstroid is available for a surprisingly moderate price, i.e. only $ 79. It’s $4 higher than a standard cost of other WordPress themes from the inventory of TemplateMonster. But, unlike its predecessors, Monstroid offers much more than just a skin to your site. So, check below what you can find in the package of this all-inclusive theme.


Multiple Child Themes. Besides Monstroid itself, you can design your site using child themes. Initially, the package has 4 child themes apt for finance, education, art and interior design topics, but it will be expanded with 15+ themes monthly. In such a way, you will have around 60 unique designs at your disposal in December.

145 Pre-Designed Pages. The theme contains 145 pre-designed pages with multiple layout structures, styles (grid, flat, masonry, masonry flat), UI elements (tabs, accordions, toggles), typography options (500+ Google fonts), animations (parallax, lazy load, hover effects), etc.

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Welcome Monstroid, an All-Purpose WordPress Theme

When we get down to building a site, all of us want the same thing, i.e. to have all the essentials at hand. It would let us avoid a long and tiresome procedure of surfing the web for plugins, images, fonts, and any other add-ons. At last, users of WordPress have such an opportunity, as guys from TemplateMonster have released an all-inclusive WP theme called Monstroid. Monstroid seems to have everything in its package, you name it! For example, there are multiple child themes, 145 pages, 120+ PSD files, 50+ professional images, 500+ fonts, 150 shortcode variations, 23 premium plugins and much more. So, let’s explore the major aspects of this multipurpose theme, namely design, functionality and extras.

Visual Side of Monstroid

First of all, learn about the visual side of Monstroid step by step. Here, we’d like to highlight the following issues: layout structure, style options, and skins.


Layout Structure. There is no need to bother with coding to structure your website layout. The whole process takes place in the admin panel. You can build a boxed or full-width layout of 1170px or 960px and optionally add sidebars to it on the right or left.

* * *


Style Options. Elements can be arranged in grid, masonry, flat, and masonry flat styles across the layout. Just pick the most suitable way of showing them to your website visitors, from Pinterest-like tiles split with gaps to well-structured boxes kept as a single unit.

* * *

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Key Aspects of Creating a Successful Affiliate Site With WordPress

Have you been looking for a winning formula that requires you to work once, but help you reap benefits for a prolonged period? Well, then setting up an affiliate website is worth a try.

Now, when it comes to creating an affiliate website with WordPress, you can find numerous resources available online in the form of tutorials, posts, etc. explaining the process of creating such a site. But, before knowing about the specifics of getting your affiliate site setup, it is important for you to understand about the different types of affiliate websites.

So, in this post, we’ll make you understand about the different categories of affiliate website. Also, we’ll discuss about creating SEO strategies for your affiliate website. But, before proceeding, let’s first have a look at the most obvious concern.


Why You Should Consider Creating an Affiliate Website?

To understand why you should create an affiliate site, you’ll first need to know what is affiliate marketing. Basically, affiliate marketing means how you promote products and/or services of any other company; and when people buy something that you’re promoting, you’ll earn a commission.

The best part about affiliate marketing is that, it is inexpensive and serves as a simple approach to make money online. But, it would be wrong to consider it a get-rich-quick scheme. Remember that your affiliate site(s) will have to attract plenty of traffic, and a lot of your visitors must make purchase the products you’re promoting, and only then you can expect to get good returns.
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TemplateMonster Infographic: the Best Cross-Platform UIs of Today

In the age of technological innovations, most people interact with different gadgets and devices during the day. It can be a smartphone to communicate with friends, a tablet to surf the web, an MP3 player to listen to music, a smartwatch to check the time, a laptop to work, and many others. To provide seamless interaction with these devices, there were created different cross-platform UIs in the course of time. Some of them became popular among users, while others remained underrated.

If you are interested in exploring this subject deeper, the latest Infographic by TemplateMonster professionals will be helpful for you. But before proceeding to the Infographic, let’s check the most widespread cross-platform UIs, namely Windows by Microsoft and iOS by Apple.

Windows 8

Windows 8 was developed to provide an operating system consistent with all the Microsoft products. Designed in the metro style, it featured a clean and readable interface spiced up with bold, flat color accents. The platform didn’t only facilitate user experience, but also beautified it dramatically. No wonder, Windows 8 won recognition of users eventually, and soon it found its way to multiple devices, e.g. PCs, tablets, Samsung, Nokia, HTC, Huawei phones, and even Xboxes.

Of course, there were still some users annoyed with colorful blocks, but most people found them really cool and convenient. Consequently, this style was also implemented in the later version of Windows, and we bet Microsoft isn’t going to stop on this. The company is constantly seeking for new ways to build an optimal platform for all of its Windows-running devices.

iOS 7

An intuitive interface has always been a calling card of Apple, and iOS 7 is a striking example of it. Unlike the previous versions, the 7th one is deprived of any skeuomorphic elements. Instead, its clean interface boasts clear geometric shapes, ultramodern icons, elegant typography, and translucency. These innovative features caused a boom in the Apple fan base, even though some pessimists were dissatisfied with iOS 7 navigation, parallax effect, etc. But such a tendency seems to be a common practice when something new is invented. In general, replacement of skeuomorphism with a clean, flat design was definitely the right step on the way to the iOS perfection.

Material Design

No doubt, Microsoft and Apple did a good job to have developed their cross-platform UIs, but Google went even further. Not long ago, the company introduced Material Design, a cross-platform visual language incorporating traditional design principles with innovative technology standards. Set in the tactile environment, it conveys the interaction of objects through the fundamentals of light, surface and movement.

The invention of Material Design was aimed at building a single system that would provide the same experience across all the devices, from Android Wear to Android Auto. And Google successfully achieved its aim, having created an easy-to-understand and user-friendly UI. Compared to Windows and iOS, Material Design can exist in a larger environment (portable devices, PCs, Android TV / Wear / Auto), and it’s expected to grow more.

Now, study the TemplateMonster Infographic to find the most suitable cross-platform UI for you.


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Win a Web Design Card Deck: 7 questions, 7 days, 7 winners

As you may remember, TemplateMonster depicted the evolution of web design on an interactive Infographic not long ago. Since it had won the recognition of many individuals from the web design community, the company implemented this idea in another project. TM professionals created an exclusive card deck guiding through web design trends over the last 12 years, namely from 2004 to 2015. Read on to find out what is so remarkable about this new gimmick.

In the deck, there are 52 playing cards that are both entertaining and informative in their nature. At the front, each of them provides a visually appealing illustration of one trend, which is complemented with the year of its emergence and concise description. At the back, all the cards are flavored with notes of material design. This hot trend of today is also applied to the box they come packed in. The cards can be used not only to play games, but also as a creative souvenir for someone related to web design, gambling, magic tricks, or any other things that cross your mind. To take a closer look at them, click here and here.

If you got enthusiastic about obtaining this card deck, we have good news for you. From 26 May to 2 June, TemplateMonster gives an easy quiz on the history of web design, and those who pass it successfully will have an opportunity to win the card deck. To take part in the quiz, follow two easy steps listed below.


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TemplateMonster Pre Summer Promo: Save 60% on HTML5 Templates

The summer hasn’t come yet, but we can already feel its heat in the air, especially after TemplateMonster announced its Pre Summer Promo. The company offers a discount of 60% on all the HTML5 templates, without any exceptions. You can make use of the discount only within a limited two-week period, i.e. from May 18 to June 1. So, if you believe it’s time to update your site or create a new one from scratch, you will have an opportunity to save a fair amount of money on its design.

At present, the inventory of TemplateMonster contains more than 7300 unique HTML5 templates, which may complicate the process of choosing the right one for your site. Luckily for you, the marketplace of TM has a number of filters to accelerate your search. To be exact, you can sort out templates by the following criteria:

  • categories (art & culture, computers & Internet, design & photography, education & books, fashion & beauty, business & services, click here to find out more);
  • functionality (Ajax, online chat, mobile layout, different types of animation, color switcher, gallery, forum, blog, etc.);
  • popularity (top-rated, bestsellers, zero downloads);
  • compatibility with Bootstrap versions;
  • date (yesterday, last week / month / 6 months / year or your own timeframe);
  • styles (cartoon, clean, corporate, flat, futurist, geometric, grunge, minimalist, neutral, retro, urban, etc.);
  • colors (multiple options).


What’s more, TemplateMonster has unveiled a list of its best-selling HTML5 templates to help you with your choice. Popularity among multiple customers is a true sign that products are of decent quality. So, follow the link to look through TemplateMonster best-sellers over the last month. Whether you choose one of them or any other HTML5 template from the company’s assortment, you will certainly be satisfied with the 60% discount. Hurry up to make a purchase within the fixed timeframe.


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Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid While Creating Responsive Design

Responsive web design is the call of the day. If you are a website owner, you just can’t do without this form of design for your site in recent times. It is no more a luxury, but a necessity. It has somewhat become imperative to use this form of web design to develop sites.

And there’s some major reasons for it. Even a few years back, you would have built a site only for a desktop computer. So, the website would have to fit a fixed screen size. However, with time, a lot of internet-friendly devices have arrived. So, when you build a website now, you just can’t tell in what screen size your website would be viewed. Hence, it is essential to make the websites responsive.

But it has been observed that a lot of web designers commit a few major mistakes while creating responsive web design. These pitfalls can spoil the user experience and drive bounce rate for your website.

The first thing that you need to do to avoid these mistake is to have a clear idea about them.

So, what are the most common responsive design mistakes that can affect the user experience for your website?

Here’s a quick look.


Hiding Content on the Responsive Version

Are you planning a website for mobile devices that has less content compared to its desktop counterpart? It is never the right thing to hide content from people who are browsing your website from internet-friendly mobile devices. No mobile user wants to see the ‘lite’ version of your website. In fact, it has been observed that 90% of the users check a website in more than one device when they need something from it. So, it is important to have a responsive website that shows all the content, which are presented in a way that offers all that your desktop website has. All you need to do is present that content in a creative way to enhance user experience.
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