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October 23, 2014

Pick the Best WordPress Theme to Stand Alone on the Web

Many bloggers are proficient in the issues they cover, but don’t know much about web design. Providing proper visual experience for readers, this aspect is not inferior to the content in terms of importance and, therefore, requires meticulous attention. But how can a person who has no knack for it choose the design that would appeal to the audience? A great solution to this challenge is to take an example of other people, that’s why we have compiled a set of the most salable templates.

Products in great demand are commonly known to offer high quality to consumers; otherwise they would not be bought in large quantities. Hence, using one of the templates featured below is definitely a smart decision. Pick the best WordPress theme for your site from this set, and it will stand alone on the web. Regardless of the sphere your resource is devoted to, you will find something special for it in our post.

Although all the designs presented here have a distinctive flair, they have some common features that attract users. One of them is stunning imagery that allows for communicating ideas in a visual way. By means of high-definition pictures in a slider, footer and other content parts, individuals can find out what a certain site is focused on once they enter it. To facilitate navigation, the majority of these templates are supplied with icons that also add a subtle touch to their designs.

As you can see from our set, themes with a clean layout enjoy wide popularity among customers. This tendency is caused by their ability to bring the content to the forefront and let readers find what they need in a few seconds. Against the light background, call-to-action buttons stand out much better and, therefore, catch attention of the audience. Some of the templates also boast built-in maps and contact forms to let website owners keep in touch with the audience while others have staff and testimonial sections to win people’s trust.

So, if you want to have a striking web resource, you should make sure it comprises the mentioned features and they ideally harmonize with each other. Look through our top WordPress themes to learn about their peculiarities in detail.

Communications WordPress Theme


* * *

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Create Memorable Web Design Using the Best Themes of September 2014

To stick in minds of the audience, bloggers and other website owners should have something distinctive in the design of their platforms. Since web presence is a powerful marketing tool, some ordinary template is not the right choice for you to create a memorable site. For that reason, you will need a striking design for your web resource, which is when our best themes of September 2014 will be of great use.

This set has been made based on users’ feedback, that’s why you can entrust an online image of your company to the products listed here. Each theme is unique in its design, but all of them boast breathtaking imagery, well-organized content structure, simple navigation, and many other features that will help you make the most of your business promotion. Look through the benefits of these templates to make sure they are worthy of your attention.

Mobile Friendliness. In the era of the rapid technology progress, many people browse the web via handheld devices, that’s why a responsive design is currently an indispensable condition to boost traffic of your platform.

Cross-Browser Compatibility. Thanks to this feature, your site will have an impeccable look in any browser regardless of its version. In such a way, you can be confident that your content will reach anyone interested in it.

Easy Customization. These customizable templates allow for adapting the look of your site to your preferences. With their help, you can feel free to modify various design elements, from typography and colors to sliders, footers, and headers.

Comprehensive Documentation. Our top themes include a package of instructions to guide you through the process of installation. If you have some questions about their implementation, you will also find answers in the pack.

Custom Post Types. To provide better visual perception of information for readers, these templates have different formats for different content blocks, particularly blog posts, testimonials, team info, services description, and others.

Shortcodes. Due to these tools, you can easily embed media content into web pages of your site in a few clicks. There are over 80 shortcodes meant for grids, tabs, lists, maps, audio, video, and many other files that will make your web resource richer and, therefore, more interesting.

Custom Widgets. Staying in close contact with readers is of utmost importance, and these templates make it possible by means of widgets for social networks, post output, feedback, and many other things.

These are only few advantageous features of our best themes released in September 2014. To experience all of their benefits, don’t hesitate to look through them below, choose the one appealing to you and download it.

Your Business WordPress Theme


* * *

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Creativity Doesn’t Have To Cost a Thing – Free Fonts for You

Are you one of those designers who have their favorite fonts and don’t stray from them in all your projects? It doesn’t have to be like that. How do we know you so well? Probably because we have all done it at some time: we get in a design comfort zone and don’t want to take the time to find something new and interesting.

Well don’t worry, if you are reading these words you are most likely a daring artist rather than a copycat busy with cloning the same design patterns. We don’t think a detailed lecture on the importance of typography is exactly what you need at the moment. We would like to offer you something much more practical instead.

What about a collection of free, commercial use fonts with a 1 user license? Are you interested? Let us sweeten the deal for you by revealing the information that all free fonts in this collection are available in OpenType format and are cross-platform compatible to work on both Windows and Mac computers. Don’t you think that it’s high time to view what else is in store for you? Stay with us; you will find it fun and utterly useful!

So much has already been written about typography, its tips and importance in print and online design. We will try to surprise you anyway.

What would you answer if somebody asked you why typography is so significant in design?

We would suggest the following:

  • Typography should be considered as an art of arranging type.
  • Typography includes such substantial elements as typeface choice, color palette, point size, line length, design integration and the whole layout.
  • Main purpose of typography is not only making a design attractive, but easily readable!
  • Typography can help communicate a visual summary of the print or online design.
  • It’s very important for company branding, and with logo design.
  • A properly styled typography set can gently guide a person through a design layout, or a a website visitor through your online content.
  • Typography differentiates your content from others.
  • The right choice of typography gives a consistent look to a design, or a website (which enhances UX).


If you have no objections, we will go on.

Want to impress the users with your typography? Stick to these simple rules.

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Give a Boost to Your Business with These Free Weebly Templates

Are you searching for a cost-effective alternative to expensive website builders used by professionals? Then, you should consider an idea to turn to Weebly, a powerful service designated to create impressive platforms in terms of both functionality and visual appeal. It is extremely simple to use, and the whole process comes down to a drag-and-drop procedure, which is a matter of a few hours. The tool is primarily meant for amateurs who don’t have coding skills and small business owners who save up on everything including online presence of their companies.

There is also a wide range of ready-made Weebly templates that will let you get a professional-looking site without seeking help from designers. It won’t take you long to upload the theme you like and edit it according to your preferences. If you got interested to check out all the Weebly benefits yourself, here’s a set of free Weebly templates to choose the design for your platform from.



Here’s one of the best Weebly themes that will be appreciated by professional photographers, as it gives an opportunity to represent their studios in a favorable light. Such an effect is achieved by means of its black and white palette that signifies exquisite taste and elegance. To make the look of you site catchy, you can also brighten up its color scheme with one of the following hues: blue, orange, green, red, aqua, violet, and yellow. Using this template, you will get a trendy web image for your photo studio.

* * *

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Introduce Your Church to Believers with This Free HTML Theme

In the hectic world of today, a weekend seems to be the only time for people to wind down and take care of their spiritual state. For such a purpose, many individuals visit a church, as this place can keep them closer to God and enrich their lives with love, peace, encouragement and joy. However, it is definitely not enough to strengthen the spirit once a week, that’s why a lot of churches get online platforms to teach the Word of God to the local community on a daily basis.

Owners of small or new religious organizations may find it problematic to allot financial resources for building online presence. In cases like that, the Free HTML5 Theme presented here will come in handy. Using this TemplateMonster product, you will have an opportunity to introduce your church to the audience thoroughly. Browsing through your site, its visitors will learn about your mission, location, events, pastors and many other details that will give them a clear idea of what to anticipate from your organization.

One of the main aspects that every religious-related site should have is an uncluttered design, and it can be observed in this template. Due to such a peculiarity, nothing will distract people’s attention, and they will quickly find all the necessary information. With purple dominating in the theme’s palette, you will be able to set the soothing atmosphere on your platform, which will assure individuals that they will find relief at your church. Furthermore, this background color divides content blocks so that visitors of your site could easily orient themselves there.

Download this religious theme with a thought-out layout for free, and your church will reach a lot of people interested in studying sacred writings.



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Choose Design for Your Site from Top 10 WordPress Themes of Summer 2014

A great way to find a worthy theme for a website design is to look through sets of top-rated templates. Listings of this kind enjoy wide popularity among web surfers, as they have been compiled based on the unbiased feedback of people who have already employed the listed items in their projects. Recognition of the target audience can signify their decent quality in terms of functionality and appearance, that’s why it’s reasonable to make use of top-rated products.

As the last days of summer are gone, let’s sum up the achievements in the web design community over this season. Here’s a set of top responsive WordPress themes made up according to customers’ testimonials. With its help, you will have an opportunity to become aware of the latest trends and choose the theme that will make your site look modern. Before proceeding to the overview of these templates, learn about the features they have in common apart from users’ approval.

  • Responsiveness. Due to this feature, you site will have a brilliant look on any device regardless of a screen resolution.
  • Cherry Framework. Powered with this tool, the themes you can see below ensure proper usability and easy adaptation to your requirements.
  • Fresh Touch. Using one of these themes, you will let your web resource stand out with its innovative features.
  • WPML Support. It allows for building a multilingual site so that your content could reach residents of different countries.
  • Detailed Guidelines. The themes presented in our post are well-documented, which ensures their flawless implementation.


As you see, these best responsive WordPress themes have a lot of features to benefit from. Look through their designs and choose the template that will help you create memorable presence on the web.

Personal Career Page

top –responsive-wordpress-themes

With cut-throat competition on the labor market, job seekers should make use of any possible ways to reach potential employers, and a virtual CV is one them. Building one by means of this theme, you will be able to present yourself as a true professional in your business, which will guarantee you multiple offers from HR managers of the leading companies.

* * *

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Free Responsive HTML5 Theme for Marketing Agency or Any Other Business

Launching a start-up is never easy, especially today when competition goes beyond any possible limits. However, everything is not as hopeless as it may seem to be. An effective tactic to attract attention to a newly established company is to showcase its offerings online. In this case, you should take care of the way your site looks, as it will give a general idea about your enterprise.

While it’s possible to design a site yourself, you’d better entrust such an important issue to professionals. At the earliest stage of business promotion, entrepreneurs have to save almost on everything, which is when our Free Responsive HTML5 Theme for Marketing Agency will come in handy. Using this trendy product, you will have an opportunity to introduce your company to the audience at its best.

Without any exaggeration, this theme is universal as it suits for both corporate and personal sites regardless of their business sphere, whether it is marketing, finance, insurance, investment, consulting – the options are countless. Furthermore, it has everything that can encourage a solid online presence of any company. Characterized by a formal and somewhat austere tone, its design will convey your serious attitude towards your business. At the same time, it doesn’t look too strict and can engage website visitors to a great degree.

Working on this theme, designers pursued a goal to focus people’s attention on the company’s message, that’s why the content is in the foreground here. In such a way, you will be able to arouse customers’ interest in your services once they show up on your platform. In addition to elegance and modernity in its look, this design is also responsive, which will help you reach anyone, from a person sitting at the desktop at home to a web surfer using a mobile phone at a public place. Don’t hesitate to download this theme to experience all of its benefits.



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Customizing WordPress Themes with MotoPress Editor

With the beginning of autumn, TemplateMonster team decided to delight its audience with something special. After the latest updates of Cherry Framework, the company’s developers focused their attention on searching for the ways to facilitate the process of customizing websites. And they’ve found one. As you may have already understood, the innovation is related to Cherry Framework, but that’s not all. TemplateMonster combined the framework with MotoPress content editor, which resulted in the emergence of new WordPress themes.

MotoPress is a drag-and-drop page builder that allows users to edit their web pages bringing them a desirable look without any code modifications. Thus, the whole process becomes much more pleasant and less time-consuming so that you could channel your time and efforts into a more useful direction. If you are hesitant about giving MotoPress a try, we will assist you in making the right decision. Find out below how this product differs from the standard WordPress WYSIWYG editor.

Here’s a screenshot of WordPress visual editor that every user of this CMS got used to. With its help, you can modify text styles, embed shortcodes and media files in posts and experiment with their content however you like.


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What to Expect from Participants of WordCamp Europe 2014?

Do you want to expand your knowledge of using WordPress to make your work more efficient? Then, you should consider an idea to visit WordCamp Europe. It’s a large-scale conference where issues related to this free and open-source software are covered. The event gathers together a large influx of people, from curious newcomers to experienced professionals. There, you will have an opportunity to meet WordPress community leaders, learn about their brilliant ideas, seek advice from them, reveal your own thoughts, get a spark of inspiration and even contribute to the improvement of this CMS. If all these things sound alluring to you, start packing your suitcase.

The next WordCamp Europe conference is scheduled for September 27–29, 2014, and will take place at the National Palace of Culture in the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia. It will welcome guests from various parts of the globe who will share not only their expertise in dealing with WordPress but also their cultural diversity. Judging by the list of participants, the upcoming event is expected to be a smash hit. Find out below who will attend WordCamp Europe 2014 and what topics will be discussed there to make sure it is a worthy conference to visit.

Noel Tock


One of the most remarkable figures to speak at WordCamp Europe 2014 is Noel Tock from Switzerland. He is the head of Product Development at and is also passionate about travelling around the world and designing articles at Human Made. His talk will be focused on the ways to improve productivity of work with WordPress and turn it into a more enjoyable practice. Mr. Tock has chosen to address the mentioned concerns because he wants European companies to make the most of this software.

* * *

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Free HTML5 Single-Page Theme to Display Design Studio Projects

The process of designing a site consists of several stages that should be approached with due diligence. Designers have to make sure that color shades match each other, layout schemes provide convenient navigation, shapes and lines set a perfect balance on their platforms. As you can see, every detail matters, that’s why the design of your platform should be entrusted to professionals rather than newcomers.

To help you create an eye-appealing site, here’s a well-coded free HTML5 single-page theme that boasts of a skillfully chosen palette and an elaborate layout. It will come in handy for everyone who needs an online portfolio to demonstrate opportunities of his company involved in the sphere of design. Combining extensive functionality and powerful visual aspect, this theme will catch fancy of everyone who shows up on your site.

Developing this product, its designer followed the latest trends to add a contemporary touch to its appearance, with inspiration borrowed from the top galleries such as TheBestDesigns, CSSWinner, Awwwards, and BestrWebsiteGallery. Due to persistent efforts and peerless mastery, now you can make use of this elegant theme. Ghost buttons, a hipster logo, a sophisticated gallery, and a large background image in the header – all these modern elements will let you bring your web presence to a new level.

Visitors of your platform will definitely appreciate one-page navigation of the theme for its convenience. It allows for guiding them through sections showing services, an Owl Carousel-based portfolio, and a timeline. The navigation is largely facilitated by means of a fixed header, as it always keeps the name of a site and its menu in view when readers browse through it. Such a pleasant experience will help you boost the audience to a great degree. Download this theme for free, and it will give a push to your business thriving.



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