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May 28, 2015

TemplateMonster Pre Summer Promo: Save 60% on HTML5 Templates

The summer hasn’t come yet, but we can already feel its heat in the air, especially after TemplateMonster announced its Pre Summer Promo. The company offers a discount of 60% on all the HTML5 templates, without any exceptions. You can make use of the discount only within a limited two-week period, i.e. from May 18 to June 1. So, if you believe it’s time to update your site or create a new one from scratch, you will have an opportunity to save a fair amount of money on its design.

At present, the inventory of TemplateMonster contains more than 7300 unique HTML5 templates, which may complicate the process of choosing the right one for your site. Luckily for you, the marketplace of TM has a number of filters to accelerate your search. To be exact, you can sort out templates by the following criteria:

  • categories (art & culture, computers & Internet, design & photography, education & books, fashion & beauty, business & services, click here to find out more);
  • functionality (Ajax, online chat, mobile layout, different types of animation, color switcher, gallery, forum, blog, etc.);
  • popularity (top-rated, bestsellers, zero downloads);
  • compatibility with Bootstrap versions;
  • date (yesterday, last week / month / 6 months / year or your own timeframe);
  • styles (cartoon, clean, corporate, flat, futurist, geometric, grunge, minimalist, neutral, retro, urban, etc.);
  • colors (multiple options).


What’s more, TemplateMonster has unveiled a list of its best-selling HTML5 templates to help you with your choice. Popularity among multiple customers is a true sign that products are of decent quality. So, follow the link to look through TemplateMonster best-sellers over the last month. Whether you choose one of them or any other HTML5 template from the company’s assortment, you will certainly be satisfied with the 60% discount. Hurry up to make a purchase within the fixed timeframe.


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Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid While Creating Responsive Design

Responsive web design is the call of the day. If you are a website owner, you just can’t do without this form of design for your site in recent times. It is no more a luxury, but a necessity. It has somewhat become imperative to use this form of web design to develop sites.

And there’s some major reasons for it. Even a few years back, you would have built a site only for a desktop computer. So, the website would have to fit a fixed screen size. However, with time, a lot of internet-friendly devices have arrived. So, when you build a website now, you just can’t tell in what screen size your website would be viewed. Hence, it is essential to make the websites responsive.

But it has been observed that a lot of web designers commit a few major mistakes while creating responsive web design. These pitfalls can spoil the user experience and drive bounce rate for your website.

The first thing that you need to do to avoid these mistake is to have a clear idea about them.

So, what are the most common responsive design mistakes that can affect the user experience for your website?

Here’s a quick look.


Hiding Content on the Responsive Version

Are you planning a website for mobile devices that has less content compared to its desktop counterpart? It is never the right thing to hide content from people who are browsing your website from internet-friendly mobile devices. No mobile user wants to see the ‘lite’ version of your website. In fact, it has been observed that 90% of the users check a website in more than one device when they need something from it. So, it is important to have a responsive website that shows all the content, which are presented in a way that offers all that your desktop website has. All you need to do is present that content in a creative way to enhance user experience.
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How to be Prepared for Google’s Mobile-Friendly Update

Move over Panda and Penguin, there’s a new algorithm update in town. Google has yet another surprise up its sleeve, and this time it is going to be apocalyptic.

Once  April 21 arrives, websites worldwide are going to undergo the test of their lives. Only those which have been optimized for mobile devices will emerge unscathed. They are calling it the ‘Mobile Friendly’ algorithm update. And believe me, the impact is going to be huge.

Basically, this is what’s going to happen:

With the number of mobile-only Internet users worldwide sky-rocketing to over 780 million, Google decided that it was time to take user-experience to the next level. The focus is to provide mobile users with a better search experience. With the ‘Mobile Friendly’ algorithm update, Google is making major efforts to tailor its search results to favor websites which have been optimized for mobile use.

In other words, if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, your ranking in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) and eventually, your website traffic is going to take a massive blow.

With Google dominating a 75% share of the search market, unresponsive website owners can already smell the bitter aroma of catastrophe.

‘Mobilegeddon’, some have named it.

Is your website ready for the new update?


Have you been sticking to the old-school website design practices for the past decade? Google has been quite the gentleman this time and given you a heads-up to upgrade your website and optimize it for mobile devices. So lose the panic-stricken look and get busy.

Here’s what you can do:
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Hot Sale of Premium Templates: 40% Discount for Everything

Spring euphoria is already in the air, but TemplateMonster is going to intensify this feeling of elation even more. The company is currently offering a discount of 40% for ANY template from its rich inventory. Whether you need a fresh design for your site or understand that you will need one soon, it’s definitely the right time to acquire it. The discount is available within a short period, from April 14, to April 21. So, make sure you will meet the deadline and take full advantage of an opportunity to save 40% of your money.

Regardless of the site you run, you will surely find a proper solution for it in the extensive assortment of TemplateMonster. At present, it contains over 29 000 templates for different site types (personal portfolios, corporate portals, blogs, online stores, etc) and a wide range of niches (art, business, education, entertainment, fashion, food, medicine, real estate, the list is really long). There are also many filtering options to help you come across a proper design faster. To be exact, you can narrow down your search by the following criteria: categories, types of engines, features, popularity, compatibility with Bootstrap versions, date, styles, and colors.

What’s more, you might have heard that sites unfriendly with mobile devices will lose their positions on the SERP on April 21. If you haven’t had your web resource optimized for mobile screens, it’s about time to take care of it. And TemplateMonster has a lot of responsive templates that can adapt your site interface to displays of smartphones and tablets. So, don’t miss your chance to stay Google-friendly for a discount price.


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Refresh Your Website Design with Pintex – New Generation Joomla Template

TemplateMonster is going to bring innovative changes to its Joomla templates that have been developed since 2007. This initiative will allow for dramatic expansion of their functional capabilities to enhance user experience. On the eve of those updates, the company has released Pintex, a new generation Joomla template packed with much more functionalities than its predecessors. Let’s examine them.

First of all, it’s worthwhile to mention that Pintex comes with 11 extra pages in addition to standard ones such as About, Blog, Contacts pages. They include:

  • Pricing. This page lets customers find out the costs of your services.
  • Careers. Highlighting job offers and featuring a contact form, this page will contribute to your recruiting campaign.
  • FAQ. This database will deprive you of the necessity to answers the same questions on a regular basis.
  • Forum. Powered by the Kunena module, it will assist in building a loyal online community to drive more traffic and add more useful content to your site.
  • Our Team. It is meant to introduce your workers with their photos, positions, and social media accounts.
  • Site Map. Showing the website structure, it largely facilitates the content browsing experience.
  • History. This page features a timeline with the stages of your company’s progress.
  • Testimonials. With customers’ feedback, your site will look more reliable to the audience.
  • Portfolio. Use it to arrange your projects in one place and let customers filter them by different categories, e.g. name, date, and rating.
  • Elements. Here are multiple graphic elements for convenient representation of your content, including pricing tables, counters, progress bars, accordions, lists, etc.
  • Template Settings. On this page, you will the info on using the functionality of Pintex.


Besides the Kunena module mentioned above, Pintex is pre-built with many other tools that provide users with a lot of opportunities. Look through some of them below:

  • showing articles in columns, sidebars, etc. (Articles Newsflash, Articles Single);
  • commenting posts and assigning ratings to them (Komento);
  • displaying images in sliders, galleries, carousels (JoomGallery, Image Swoop and CarouFredSel);
  • communicating with customers (TM Olark, Acymailing, TM Ajax Contact Form);
  • driving traffic from social networks (TM Addthis, Joomla Social Login, SW Facebook Display, SW Pinterest Display, SW Twitter Display, TM Instagram);
  • marking the company’s location on an interactive map (Googlemap Plugin);
  • changing the palette according to your corporate style (Color Switcher).


To sum it up, Pintex also combines three must-have features of today, particularly responsive design, cross-browser compatibility, and SEO friendliness. These traffic-driving techniques are unlikely to go out of date any time soon. With all the functionalities and visual appeal, this new generation Joomla template is a worthy option to consider for refreshing your website. Give it a chance, and you will experience all of its benefits yourself.



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Free Cafe & Restaurant Website Template to Whet People’s Appetite

Every website owner needs a versatile design that would match his / her aesthetic tastes and business requirements at the same time. TemplateMonster specialists have taken these demands into account and released a new freebie that is both visually appealing and highly functional. You can use it as a core of your future or existing web resource. Just read on to find out what this Free Cafe & Restaurant Website Template offers to users.

The theme is intended to promote cafes, restaurants, breweries, wineries, or any other establishment related to the food & drink industry. Being customizable, it can be implemented on websites dealing with a wide range of topics. Its thought-out structure gives an opportunity to represent companies in a professional way, providing comprehensive information about their services.

This responsive template has a clean code, which is a prerequisite for its quick installation and easy fine-tuning. Optimized for proper search engine indexation, it will improve visibility of your content, bringing more readers to it. Every web surfer has his / her own browser preferences, and this cross-browser compatible theme will let you meet all of them. The mentioned features allow for creation of a future-proof site with peak performance in different web environments.

As for the visual side of the template, it is intensified with a large slider in the header and a gallery in the middle of the layout. Add mouthwatering pictures of your dishes there, and customers will be inspired to pay a visit to your eatery. This image-heavy design will look impeccable on both high-definition monitors and smaller displays of handheld devices. What’s more, the theme is equipped with PSD files, custom widgets and easy-to-use menu.

Use this free cafe & restaurant website template to have your food portal up and running in no time.



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Modern Web Design Approach in the Free Interior & Furniture Joomla Template

Contemporary web design embodies clarity and simplicity, deviating from cluttered layouts full of gaudy graphic elements. Today, even the most loyal fans of loud visual effects do their best to stick to the modern trend of keeping websites clean. To encourage them in their efforts, TemplateMonster professionals have created a minimal yet catchy design for this Free Interior & Furniture Joomla Template.

This theme is a versatile solution for a wide range of business fields including interior & furniture, exterior design, architecture, hotels, real estate, fashion, beauty… In fact, the list is too long to all the possible options everything. Just customize the theme according to your company’s needs. Everything is as simple as that. Check it out yourself!

Powered by Bootstrap, this free interior & furniture Joomla template comes with a lot of handy options for different purposes. In addition to the rich functionality, it is optimized for search engines, which will bring more visitors to your site. Once web surfers enter it, they will enjoy a perfect image regardless of the devices and browsers they use. This responsive theme works flawlessly in all the current browsers and looks impeccable on screens of desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones and other devices.

To engage the audience, the template allows for interactive presentation of content by means of HTML + JavaScript animation, parallax effect and lazy load technique. If readers want to share their thoughts about your services, they will have such an opportunity due to a built-in commenting system. A wide layout, ample white space, dark purple & red accents, ghost buttons, elegant icons, refined fonts – all these things will put your online portal at the forefront of the modern web design trend.

So, if you want to run a stylish, powerful and user-friendly site, this free interior & furniture Joomla template is just the job for you.



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Vast Collection of Free Material Design Wallpapers

With the release of Android 5.0 Lollipop in June, 2014, Google presented a new visual language called material design. Initially meant for the mobile environment, it is gradually penetrating into the web and has already won recognition in the community of designers. To bring you closer to this hot trend of today, we have compiled a set of free material design wallpapers. But before proceeding to them, let’s find out what the trend is all about.

Working on the development of material design, the Google team mainly pursued two goals. They combined classic design aspects with technological innovations and created a single system providing common experience across all the devices and platforms. To explore this trend in detail, you can check a comprehensive guide following this link. But if you are short on time, look through its fundamental principles below:

  • Grounded in tactile reality, material design is implemented through a system of motion in rationalized space. Light, shade, surface, and movement convey the existence of objects in space and their interaction with each other.
  • Material design provides hierarchy, meaning, and focus by means of images, fonts, grids, colors, scales, and space. A blend of these print-based design elements makes it possible to create a bold graphic interface that can engage users in the dynamic experience.
  • A user is considered to be the main motion-setter whose actions transform the visual environment. When objects are rearranged with his movements, the continuity of their transitions remains unbroken. Thus, the user enjoys persistent and meaningful motion, which makes an image on the screen more realistic.

If you are eager to take advantage of material design, look through some cool wallpapers that can enliven the feel of the web environment.

Ultimate Material Lollipop Collection


The first collection from our set is shared by J. Amourette on Google+. It comprises 675 free wallpapers designed in line with material design principles. The most attractive images are presented below, and if you want to see the whole collection, click here, please.


* * *

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6 Online Website Creators that Are Excellent Alternatives to WordPress

WordPress, for many, is perceived to be the gold standard when it comes to online content publishing. It offers an excellent range of features and the reliability and stability every serious content publisher is seeking. However, this does not mean that it is the only platform that should be targeted by publishers. There are excellent alternatives to WordPress that are worth considering. Three of these alternatives have been cited by Marketing Land in its post about some of the top online website creators available today. Of course, we also have our own choices and we will be listing and briefly discussing them on this post.

1. IM Creator


IM Creator is a free HTML website builder that features a drag and drop WYSIWYG interface. Founded in 2011, it enables the creation of websites, blogs, mobile websites, and even Facebook pages without any programming or coding knowledge required. The site being created with IM Creator can be customized by simply assigning or rearranging the elements around using the mouse. These elements include videos, pictures, maps, and lines or blocks of texts. What’s more, IM Creator has integrated search engine optimization tools to help enhance the online visibility or searchability of the completed website.

* * *

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Top 10 Lingerie Store Themes: Skilful Play of Tenderness and Passion

Lingerie is a piece of clothing that accentuates ladies’ bodies, thus making them look foxier and more desirable to representatives of the sterner sex. When it comes to choosing the right underwear, most of women turn out to be quite fastidious. So, we have compiled a set of top 10 lingerie store themes that will help you catch the eye to your business.

An ideal design of any lingerie store should reflect feminine tenderness and accentuate it with playful accents of passion at the same time. And this is what the themes listed here provide. Using one of them, you will have an opportunity to create a site with a catchy interface that will captivate the female audience at once.

In our post, we present themes powered by different engines including WordPress, PrestaShop, OpenCart, WooCommerce, Shopify, and Magento. Although each of them is unique, they have a number of things in common. Read on to find out what they offer and how you can benefit from that.

Minimalist Design. To keep people on your site, it should be pleasant to the eye and easy to navigate. Embodying a minimalistic trend of web design, these themes have clean and uncluttered layouts to let you create a user-friendly eCommerce platform.

Focus on Imagery. Instead of overloading customers with tons of information, these lingerie-related themes serve as effective visuals triggers. Their image-rich designs attract people’s attention, hold their interest and motivate them for a purchase eventually.

Handy Features. In addition to the visual appeal, these themes are supplied with features, which will let you provide pleasant user experience. A back-to-top button, dropdown menu, contact form, Google map, Favicon, and even more will be accessible to you.

Customizability. It’s crucial to stand out among competitors with something unique. For that reason, these lingerie themes have been made customizable. It means you can change even the tiniest pieces of their designs with just a few clicks.

Responsive Design. With rapidly growing popularity of mobile shopping, this peculiarity is a must to reach more customers and boost revenues from online sales. These responsive themes look good and work well across various devices, from large, high-resolution displays to smartphones with smaller screens.

Cross-Browser Compatibility. Today, some people use Chrome to surf the web, while others are devoted to Firefox. There are even those who prefer Internet Explorer to its alternatives. To target everyone regardless of their browser preferences, you will need a theme compatible with all the modern browsers. And the lingerie store themes featured in our post meet this standard.

SEO-Friendly Nature. As search engines are the major traffic sources, you should make sure your online portal is well-optimized. Use one of these themes to build such a site. Their SEO-friendly essence will help your web store take higher positions on the search results page.

Social Media Integration. Following search engines, social media is the second largest source of traffic nowadays. Thus, you should take care of your presence in social networks to get extra promotion of your business. With these lingerie themes, such a task is truly a breeze to fulfill.

HTML + JS Animation. It allows bringing dynamism and tremendous interactivity to a website. With its help, you will add a visual interest to the design of your online store and, therefore, engage the audience to explore its content.

Now, look through the designs of these lingerie themes and choose the right one for your e-store.

Lingerie Responsive PrestaShop Theme


* * *

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