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November 28, 2015

Week of Crazy Shopping: 60% Discount on Web Design Templates

Thanksgiving Day is the holiday, when you should express gratitude for all the good things you have in your life, e.g. love, health, job, and discounts… The most anticipated shopping week of the year is officially here. It means you have an opportunity to obtain desired articles for much lower prices than those imposed on you throughout the year. If you need a cool design for your site, here is possibly the best deal of this shopping season.

TemplateMonster offers a 60% DISCOUNT on all of its ready-made templates for web design, without exceptions. There is no need to use promo codes. Just enter the marketplace and choose the template you like the most. The 60% discount is valid for as many products as you need, be it one, ten or, say, fifty. No limits at all! Keep in mind that you have only 5 DAYS to get a high-quality, modern template for a cut price, from Thanksgiving Day to Black Friday to Cyber Monday. So, don’t miss the deadline and make a purchase within this time frame.

TemplateMonster is one of the leading web design companies with over 30 000+ unique templates and 13 years of experience. There is no other provider of ready-made templates that has been in the industry for such a long time and has built such an enormous inventory. The company offers a wide choice of designs tailored for various niches, e.g. business, education, fashion, and photography, to name a few. TM products are also powered by different content management systems (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc) and integrated with different eCommerce platforms (PrestaShop, Magento, OpenCart, etc). With such a diversity of templates, you will definitely find the right design for your project in no time.

As you can see, the site of TemplateMonster is definitely the right place to visit this shopping season, and a huge 60% discount makes it much more attractive. So, click here to enter the marketplace of TM and start choosing straight away. Don’t forget to share your impression about it with us afterwards!

discounted website templates

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Infographic of Green Color in Web Design: How to Benefit from This Color

TemplateMonster goes on with the series of Color Psychology Infographics, and today you are offered to learn about the use of green in web design. Due to its powerful impact on viewers’ minds, green is the second most used color for call-to-action elements after red. The latter can also be explored in the previous Infographic released by TM not long ago.

Green presents a blend of blue and yellow, thus borrowing positive qualities of yellow and tranquility of blue. The color is dominant in various corners of our settings, from the world of nature to monetary units. Speaking about the sphere of design, green is a choice of everyone who needs an eye-friendly solution to provide a pleasant visual experience on the site.

There are many shades of green, each of which symbolizes its own aspect, e.g. growth, stability, confidence, peace, etc. Using green shades on your site, you can stir up certain emotions of visitors and, therefore, manage their actions on a subconscious level. Eventually, it can lead the increase of conversion and the sum of the green on your bank account.

Now, let’s check a preview of the Infographic of Green Color in Web Design. It reveals the following issues:

  • what mental associations green brings up in the mind;
  • what niches are favorable and unfavorable for green;
  • what UI elements are appropriate for green coloring;
  • what meanings are conveyed by different shades of green;
  • what colors are the best options to mix green with;
  • why people of both sexes like green;
  • what eCommerce sites are suitable for green coloring;
  • what purposes are ideal to use green for.


If you are interested in some of these issues, study the Infographic of Green Color in Web Design, and you will definitely find the answers to your questions.

color psychology infographics

* * *

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Learn How to Make the Most of Red Color in Web Design [Infographic]

Use of colors is an important aspect of any design, be it a brand logo or UI interface. Each color can have its own psychological impact on viewers, so it’s important to choose the palette for your project thoughtfully. The most powerful color in terms of psychology is proved to be red, and today we’d like to show how you can benefit from it. Spend a few minutes to explore a brand new Infographic of Red Color in Web Design. This brainchild of the TemplateMonster team is focused on the influence of red on the customer behavior and highlights a number of guidelines on how to use it properly.

Thinking about red, we perceive it as one of the most intensive colors, 100% eye catcher and powerful expressionist of feelings and emotions. Such qualities make it a primary color for conversion-oriented sites, especially online stores. Red is commonly used for a variety of UI elements, from promo banners and important text messages to call-to-action buttons and badges notifying customers of sales. Thanks to red, they can turn from humble, unnoticeable elements into attention-getters and become the first things coming into focus when buyers enter an eCommerce site.

Similarly to other colors, red comes in a variety of shades, each of which communicates its own ideas. For example, light red expresses tenderness and femininity, whereas dark red is associated with something more brutal and even sinister. Make sure you pick the right shade for your UI elements if you want to attract a specific category of clients with maximum efficiency. Keep in mind that overuse of red can push viewers away, that’s why it’s crucial to combine it with other colors. Designing an interface pleasant to the eye must be your top priority.

Before proceeding to the Infographic of Red Color in Web Design, scan a checklist of the major issues featured there. They are as follows:

  • mental associations that red brings;
  • kinds of websites to use and avoid this color for;
  • UI elements to apply red to;
  • shades of red;
  • target audience divided by the sex and age;
  • red for eCommerce sites;
  • purposes of using this color;
  • kinds of shoppers depending on the red shade;
  • list of the sources used to create the Infographic.


Enough of previewing the Infographic of Red Color in Web Design, time to explore it!

red color psychology infographic

* * *

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Top of the 20 Free Halloween PSD Mockups: Get Ready for the Fright Night

Halloween comes in a few days, which is a good chance to play with your creativity and imagination. Preparing for this creepy holiday, you should take care of multiple things including settings, costumes, and refreshments. To help you with these duties, we have compiled an exclusive set of 20 free Halloween PSD mockups. They can be used for multiple purposes, from decorating your home to adorning your online portal. You may also want to organize a masquerade, and these freebies can help you invite guests and spread the word about it. With their aid, you can create stylish invitation cards and flyers.

The mockups featured in our post depict traditional symbols of Halloween, e.g. carved pumpkins, skulls, bats, spider web, scary creatures, etc. They are unique and colorful; some of them even look a little erotic. Their designs are created in a way to let you highlight multiple details of your upcoming event. In such a way, you won’t only attract visitors visually, but will also let them know what to expect at your party.

What’s cool, there is no need to hire a professional graphic designer or create anything on your own. Everything is ready for use at no charge. Even if you don’t like any details of these customizable Halloween PSD freebies, you can add your personal touch to their designs by editing them in Photoshop. So, don’t hesitate to experiment with their texts, colors and other elements to come up with a desirable look. The easy-to-manage layered structure of each mockup listed below will make the entire process of customization a breeze.

Hellyeah Flyer Template

free halloween psd mockups

This Hellyeah flyer is made of well-organized PSD layers that can be easily modified. This free Halloween mockup has the following parameters: 1264 x 1772 px and 300 dpi.

* * *

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17 eCommerce Conversion Boosters Infographic: Must-Have Tips for Online Retailers

Online shopping has become the most popular way of buying items since the Internet boom. There are many good reasons why shoppers browse the web for necessary products, from time saving and lower pricing to round-the-clock availability and no long queues. So, every retailer must have an online store to make more sales today.

However, building an e-store is just the first step on the way to success in the modern-day commerce. Once you create a store, it’s important to develop a strategy that will lead to the growth of its conversion. This is when this 17 eCommerce Conversion Boosters Infographic will come in handy.

The Infographic resembles a puzzle of 17 pieces, each of which represents its own tactic to boost conversion. In fact, its structure is quite symbolic. The more pieces of the puzzle you merge, the higher conversion you will get. If you want to achieve maximum results, bring all the pieces of the puzzle together in your marketing plan.

As the Infographic blocks or puzzle pieces, if you like, are of different colors, it’s much easier to distinguish between them visually. Each color stands for a separate issue, particularly purple for product sheet pages, violet for psychology, blue for trust & security, sky blue for checkout, green for site issues, and red for shipping, sales and specials.

This well-structured and multi-colored Infographic is Gifographic. This is a comparatively new complement to the traditional Infographic. Its main goal is to add dynamism to the static Infographic nature by means of GIF animation. What’s cool about this particular eCommerce Gifographic is its small size. A few animated elements don’t slow down its loading. Take a look at the Gifographic yourself!

ecommerce infographic

* * *

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Startup Hub: Free Educational Resource to Create a Site from Scratch

Are you eager to build a site from scratch, but don’t have the slightest idea how to start? Then, Startup Hub is definitely what you need for such an undertaking. This new project of TemplateMonster is a result of close cooperation of experienced product developers and marketing specialists. They joined forces to guide non-tech savvies through the multi-step process of website building. Startup Hub will come in handy for everyone who stays within a tight budget. So, if you like the idea to create a site in a cost-effective manner, this educational resource is an ideal option for you. Read on to find out how you can benefit from it.

free website building tutorials

Startup Hub provides extensive information on the creation, maintenance and promotion of new sites. It contains detailed articles, checklists and step-by-step instructions linked to authoritative blogs. The latter can serve as additional sources of information for you. Whether you are going to build a blog, portfolio or e-store, the hub will be useful for everyone regardless of the desired website type. It resembles an online book in its structure, but is more functional in its nature. You can create a free account and contact online consultants via live chat. They will give you comprehensive answers to all the questions you have.

free website building tutorials

Now, let’s check some issues you can find in the Startup Hub. They are as follows:

  • how much it costs to build a site from scratch;
  • how to create an e-store;
  • which platform is the right one for you;
  • use of WordPress to power your site;
  • things to take into account when choosing a ready-made theme for your WordPress-powered site;
  • how to enhance the protection of your WordPress-powered site;
  • and many other issues.


Would you like to give a try to Startup Hub? If so, proceed to the first two sets of guidelines, particularly Startup Basics and WordPress Startup. They can make it much easier to dig into the IT sphere. Keep in mind that the mentioned guidelines are just the beginning. Stay tuned for in-depth PrestaShop and Joomla instructions that are really soon to come. If you need tutorials for some other content management systems and eCommerce platforms, submit a request in the comments on the official blog of TemplateMonster following the link.

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20 Latest Free PSD Mockups of 2015 to Present Your Projects with Style

Once you are ready with your web project, you must think about its presentation. In fact, it’s important to approach this issue with due diligence, as the way you present your work has a direct impact on customers’ decision to take it or leave it. However, an effective demonstration of your craft takes a lot of time and requires creativity. And if you put all your time and energy into polishing your design, you may find it challenging to take good care of your project’s showcase. This is when PSD mockups come in handy.

In short, mockups can be defined as scales or full-size models of designs intended for demonstration, assessment, promotion, and similar purposes. With their help, you can show clients the way your project will look in its natural environment and get their feedback on it. What’s cool about mockups besides their realistic look is ease of use. Thanks to their fully customizable Photoshop layers, all you have to do is to embed your artwork into smart objects by simply dragging and dropping, and it’s ready for an exhibition.

Today, you can find different types of mockups, particularly devices, brochures, flyers, posters, business cards, T-shirts, magazines, and others. If you are a web designer striving for a spectacular showcase of your project, check our exclusive set of the latest free mockups of devices. They can be used to display both your overall website design and its certain part. Whether you want to set your work in a larger or smaller frame, our selection has an appropriate option for you. You can choose from desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone mockups. Portable devices can render the responsiveness of your design, that’s why mockups with them are in great demand at present.

Keep in mind that we’ve filled our set solely with free PSD mockups of 2015 developed by trustworthy resources. They have much more cool mockup freebies that were released in previous years. If you like, you can also check them up. Although they are available for free, they still don’t yield to paid alternatives.

So, enough of reading for now. Start looking through our assortment of free device mockups of 2015 below.

Free PSD Mockups of Desktops & Laptops

Let’s start with mockups meant to demonstrate UI designs via large viewports.

iMac Workspace Mockup

latest free psd mockups

This iMac workspace mockup of 2,500 x 2000 px allows for an elegant showcase of your design by means of an Apple desktop. As a bonus, there is also a wall frame spiced up with a photorealistic effect.

* * *

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Wegy and Ketty: Check Updates of Responsive Business and eCommerce Templates

To succeed in a highly competitive online environment, your site must comply with all the modern trends of web development and design. Inspired by this truth, the team behind TemplateMonster has started updating their customers’ favorite themes on a regular basis. Packages of updates include both revised features to enhance your website’s performance and new ones to expand its functional potential. Each package also comes with more ready-made designs for pages of different types and more design variations for one page type. In such a way, the field of themes’ use becomes much broader.

In this post, we’d like to draw your attention to the latest updates of two popular themes dubbed Wegy and Ketty.

Wegy Updates

Let’s start with Wegy. This responsive business Joomla template got the second update not long ago. It’s notable for both new features and pages. Check them one by one below, please.

Video Background

Unlike static imagery, video backgrounds can help you communicate your business idea in action. As motion always catches an eye first of all, video backgrounds never stay out of view.

Smooth Scroll

With the update of this technique, page scrolling has become much smoother than before.

Home Page # 3


The third homepage version features a large video background overlaid with multiple elements. They include a logo, menu, search, captions, and learn-more button. Another highlight of the new homepage design is an image gallery composed of elegant square tiles. By means of a lightbox, you can take a closer look at each picture without leaving the homepage.
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Styler Updates: What’s New in This Exclusive PrestaShop Theme

Not long ago, TemplateMonster developed a number of exclusive PrestaShop themes that are far ahead of other eCommerce designs. The themes are packed with extraordinary front pages, original subpages, completely revised modules, and full dumps of content. Over a comparatively short period, these designs became quite popular among users, which motivated the company’s developers to continue their work on them. Eventually, they updated one of these nonstandard PrestaShop themes dubbed Styler. And today we’d like to focus your attention on its updates. Here is an overview of what Styler’s change log includes.


TM Google Map. The module enables you to add an interactive Google map to your website’s front page. On the map, you can mark addresses of your stores and complement them with short descriptions.

TM Sample Data Installer. Thanks to a renewed version of this module, it will take you only a few easy steps to install the sample data.

TM HTML Content. This module has been updated to provide broader opportunities of design for you. With its help, you can insert ad / info blocks into your site. There are several positions to display content: displayNav, home, top, topColumn, left and right displayLeftColumn / displayRightColumn, footer. Furthermore, this multilingual module can function on multi-store websites.

TM Social Login. By means of this updated module, you can let visitors register and sign in to your site via their Facebook and Google+ accounts.

* * *


TM specialists have also added a number of new pages to Styler. In such a way, you will have all the essentials at hand while building your store. Take a closer look at each of those pages.

About Us Page. Version 2


* * *

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Monstroid: Multiple Extras for a Single Price

You may already know about the most significant release of this year, which is none other than Monstroid. Launched on July 22, this multipurpose WordPress theme has attracted a lot of attention in the community of web designers. So, let’s explore the reasons of agio around Monstroid dubbed a theme on steroids.



First of all, Monstroid is available for a surprisingly moderate price, i.e. only $ 79. It’s $4 higher than a standard cost of other WordPress themes from the inventory of TemplateMonster. But, unlike its predecessors, Monstroid offers much more than just a skin to your site. So, check below what you can find in the package of this all-inclusive theme.


Multiple Child Themes. Besides Monstroid itself, you can design your site using child themes. Initially, the package has 4 child themes apt for finance, education, art and interior design topics, but it will be expanded with 15+ themes monthly. In such a way, you will have around 60 unique designs at your disposal in December.

145 Pre-Designed Pages. The theme contains 145 pre-designed pages with multiple layout structures, styles (grid, flat, masonry, masonry flat), UI elements (tabs, accordions, toggles), typography options (500+ Google fonts), animations (parallax, lazy load, hover effects), etc.

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