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September 18, 2014

Free Responsive HTML5 Theme for Marketing Agency or Any Other Business

Launching a start-up is never easy, especially today when competition goes beyond any possible limits. However, everything is not as hopeless as it may seem to be. An effective tactic to attract attention to a newly established company is to showcase its offerings online. In this case, you should take care of the way your site looks, as it will give a general idea about your enterprise.

While it’s possible to design a site yourself, you’d better entrust such an important issue to professionals. At the earliest stage of business promotion, entrepreneurs have to save almost on everything, which is when our Free Responsive HTML5 Theme for Marketing Agency will come in handy. Using this trendy product, you will have an opportunity to introduce your company to the audience at its best.

Without any exaggeration, this theme is universal as it suits for both corporate and personal sites regardless of their business sphere, whether it is marketing, finance, insurance, investment, consulting – the options are countless. Furthermore, it has everything that can encourage a solid online presence of any company. Characterized by a formal and somewhat austere tone, its design will convey your serious attitude towards your business. At the same time, it doesn’t look too strict and can engage website visitors to a great degree.

Working on this theme, designers pursued a goal to focus people’s attention on the company’s message, that’s why the content is in the foreground here. In such a way, you will be able to arouse customers’ interest in your services once they show up on your platform. In addition to elegance and modernity in its look, this design is also responsive, which will help you reach anyone, from a person sitting at the desktop at home to a web surfer using a mobile phone at a public place. Don’t hesitate to download this theme to experience all of its benefits.



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Customizing WordPress Themes with MotoPress Editor

With the beginning of autumn, TemplateMonster team decided to delight its audience with something special. After the latest updates of Cherry Framework, the company’s developers focused their attention on searching for the ways to facilitate the process of customizing websites. And they’ve found one. As you may have already understood, the innovation is related to Cherry Framework, but that’s not all. TemplateMonster combined the framework with MotoPress content editor, which resulted in the emergence of new WordPress themes.

MotoPress is a drag-and-drop page builder that allows users to edit their web pages bringing them a desirable look without any code modifications. Thus, the whole process becomes much more pleasant and less time-consuming so that you could channel your time and efforts into a more useful direction. If you are hesitant about giving MotoPress a try, we will assist you in making the right decision. Find out below how this product differs from the standard WordPress WYSIWYG editor.

Here’s a screenshot of WordPress visual editor that every user of this CMS got used to. With its help, you can modify text styles, embed shortcodes and media files in posts and experiment with their content however you like.


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What to Expect from Participants of WordCamp Europe 2014?

Do you want to expand your knowledge of using WordPress to make your work more efficient? Then, you should consider an idea to visit WordCamp Europe. It’s a large-scale conference where issues related to this free and open-source software are covered. The event gathers together a large influx of people, from curious newcomers to experienced professionals. There, you will have an opportunity to meet WordPress community leaders, learn about their brilliant ideas, seek advice from them, reveal your own thoughts, get a spark of inspiration and even contribute to the improvement of this CMS. If all these things sound alluring to you, start packing your suitcase.

The next WordCamp Europe conference is scheduled for September 27–29, 2014, and will take place at the National Palace of Culture in the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia. It will welcome guests from various parts of the globe who will share not only their expertise in dealing with WordPress but also their cultural diversity. Judging by the list of participants, the upcoming event is expected to be a smash hit. Find out below who will attend WordCamp Europe 2014 and what topics will be discussed there to make sure it is a worthy conference to visit.

Noel Tock


One of the most remarkable figures to speak at WordCamp Europe 2014 is Noel Tock from Switzerland. He is the head of Product Development at and is also passionate about travelling around the world and designing articles at Human Made. His talk will be focused on the ways to improve productivity of work with WordPress and turn it into a more enjoyable practice. Mr. Tock has chosen to address the mentioned concerns because he wants European companies to make the most of this software.

* * *

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Free HTML5 Single-Page Theme to Display Design Studio Projects

The process of designing a site consists of several stages that should be approached with due diligence. Designers have to make sure that color shades match each other, layout schemes provide convenient navigation, shapes and lines set a perfect balance on their platforms. As you can see, every detail matters, that’s why the design of your platform should be entrusted to professionals rather than newcomers.

To help you create an eye-appealing site, here’s a well-coded free HTML5 single-page theme that boasts of a skillfully chosen palette and an elaborate layout. It will come in handy for everyone who needs an online portfolio to demonstrate opportunities of his company involved in the sphere of design. Combining extensive functionality and powerful visual aspect, this theme will catch fancy of everyone who shows up on your site.

Developing this product, its designer followed the latest trends to add a contemporary touch to its appearance, with inspiration borrowed from the top galleries such as TheBestDesigns, CSSWinner, Awwwards, and BestrWebsiteGallery. Due to persistent efforts and peerless mastery, now you can make use of this elegant theme. Ghost buttons, a hipster logo, a sophisticated gallery, and a large background image in the header – all these modern elements will let you bring your web presence to a new level.

Visitors of your platform will definitely appreciate one-page navigation of the theme for its convenience. It allows for guiding them through sections showing services, an Owl Carousel-based portfolio, and a timeline. The navigation is largely facilitated by means of a fixed header, as it always keeps the name of a site and its menu in view when readers browse through it. Such a pleasant experience will help you boost the audience to a great degree. Download this theme for free, and it will give a push to your business thriving.



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Why Is Your Website Design Not Working for the Target User?


The design of a website plays an important role in determining its traffic. Your website may be aesthetically appealing but might still fail to impress your target audience because of varied reasons.

The 8 mistakes given below must be avoided at all costs if you want to ensure your business website is fully functional and satisfies the expectations of your user base:

  1. Your Website Is Not Responsive

Websites are not only viewed on a computer screen but also on tablets and mobile screens. If your website has not incorporated responsive design, you risk losing visitors that are using smartphones to access the World Wide Web.

According to StatCounter, the web tracking specialist, 20% of the global Internet traffic is driven by mobile devices. This stat makes it very clear that if your business has a non-mobile friendly website, it is time to change tactics and join the mobile revolution. Responsive web design ensures your site can be viewed seamlessly across all screen sizes; this ensues the site is able to attract those potential customers who are accessing the web through devices like smartphones and tablets.

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Showcase Your Photos with Our Free Responsive HTML5 Theme

When it comes to representation of your professional achievements, a wisely designed layout plays a key role. If you are in search of a polished design, you’re lucky to have come across this post. Here, we will inform you of our new freebie that will help you look professional on the web. Our free responsive HTML5 theme for photo site will come in handy for everyone eager to create an eye-appealing online portfolio whose unique touch won’t let anyone go empty-handed. Check out advantages of this product below.

Working on the theme’s layout, its designer tried to avoid excessive formality and austerity, but give it a modern feel at the same time. It was achieved via a background image with a blurred effect, lusterless colors and transparent buttons. Implementation of the mentioned tricks made it possible to create a contemporary design that allows for displaying a gallery of photos in an efficient way.

Once viewers cast a glance at this theme, they’ll be fascinated with its exquisite dark palette. Furthermore, dark header and footer are harmoniously blended with a light central part, and such a perfect contrast can produce a striking impression on the audience. A gist of the homepage is a stylish gallery letting artists show off their projects in a favorable light. With its help, website visitors will appreciate artworks demonstrated there at their true value.

In addition to online portfolios, this theme can also be used to build any other resource meant to showcase products and services. Due to its customizable nature, users will have an opportunity to adapt it to their business requirements. Download this product for free to make your site shine on the web.



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Adobe Muse CC Templates: Forget about Coding Hassles

A range of TemplateMonster offerings is constantly expanding at a fast pace so that every single customer could find something useful for his project. One of the latest products released by the company is a collection of Adobe Muse CC templates. If you are eager to learn more about Adobe Muse, you are in the right place. Keep on reading this post to find out how you can benefit from this awesome software.

Adobe Muse was introduced in 2011, and since then it has won recognition of web designers on a worldwide scale. With its help, they got an opportunity to direct their energy from coding to creating brilliant designs of interfaces. Yes, you got it right. This application takes all the programming issues upon itself allowing users to focus on visual aspects of their projects. Knowledge of Photoshop fundamentals is the only thing required for working with Adobe Muse.

Would you like to improve your design skills in an effortless manner? Then, this drag-and-drop interface is the software you need. Look through its benefits below to make sure it will be a worthwhile choice.

  • The software lets designers build sites that will be notable for both outstanding visuals and extensive functionality.
  • Adobe Muse templates can be easily edited so that projects could match developers’ wishes and, therefore, highlight their individuality.
  • There are many website builders, but it is Adobe Muse that allows designers to fulfill their potential to the utmost.
  • Due to this product, individuals can pay closer attention to the look of their platforms and facilitate their efforts on the development process.


Are you still uncertain about using Adobe Muse? Let’s consider two viewpoints on it. Inveterate web developers are unlikely to appreciate the idea to ignore the importance of coding when it comes to building websites. At the same time, designers will be pleased with an opportunity to leave programming details to coders. So, it should be your personal decision whether to resort to Adobe Muse or not. In any case, this software will be helpful for everyone who is pressed for time.

In conformation of our statements, here are the latest Adobe Muse templates with custom design that adds a distinctive flair to each website.

Marketing Agency Muse Template

This theme has been created to help marketing agencies show off their services to the best advantage on the web. Its landing page meets the highest standards in terms of convenience and visual appeal.


* * *

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Making a Great Site Is About More Than Just Looks

Building web pages has become quite the competitive business in the Internet age. The developer who can craft the perfect page is the designer who can write his or her own ticket. Because this is indeed the Internet age, there are more tools than ever that allow for the perfect page. There are also more dangers than ever before. If you’re looking to build your website there is one factor that is almost as important as how pretty the site is when it’s complete. Security.

Security is the name of the game these days and the rise of hackers around every Internet street corner means customers want to make sure the pages you design for them have plenty of safeguards in place. The problem is, it can seem impossible to stay ahead of the game when it comes to doing battle with hackers who have decided they want access to your sites and your clients’ personal and financial information.

Hacking In the 21st Century


While most people believe that hackers need to be brilliant programmers who can kill a site with the push of a button, the truth is quite a bit different. People are the key problem when it comes to protecting a website. When talking about some of the biggest data breaches of the 21st century, there were certainly some faulty security features built into the back doors.

The fact is that hackers have become smarter than your average bear. That means that instead of writing worms, viruses or other Malware in order to get into the back door of a company like eBay, the programmers pose as people the firm knows, such as employees and go through the front door. One security research, Ken Westin put it best when he said, “The lowest hanging fruit is still humans. As long as attacks against humans still work consistently attackers will use them on their own, or as part of sophisticated, integrated campaigns.”

* * *

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Free HTML5 Responsive Theme for Consulting Firm Promotion

Almost every week, we present a free template that can add elegance to your online resource and boost its functionality. Today, we want to guide you through a new freebie combining everything that a potentially successful site needs, i.e. visual appeal and usability. Whether you are going to build a platform from scratch or just change the design of the existing one, the consulting business theme exhibited here will come in handy for your undertaking.

It may be a challenge to find a creative template that would show off your business in a favorable light on the web. To provide a solution to this problem, we are constantly informing our readers of the latest products released by web designers, and one of them is this free HTML5 responsive theme for consulting firms. Keep on reading the post to find out what’s so special about it.

Designing a website by means of this theme, you will have an opportunity to demonstrate your content to the audience in an effective way. In addition to space optimization, its design is notable for a large background image in the header that can be useful to communicate your business highlights. With its help, you’ll easily add a distinctive flair to your platform and, therefore, attract attention of everyone who shows up there. Configuration of colors makes it possible to turn a default look of this theme into the desirable one. Furthermore, its responsiveness allows for targeting users of any devices, from desktops to handheld gadgets.

This trendy design can create such a harmonious balance on your site that every visitor will find it pleasant to browse through it. Thus, you will influence potential customers to make use of your consulting services.



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Free HTML5 Responsive Theme Providing Prosperity of Entertainment Business

When party planners start thinking about their events, the first things arising in their imagination are joyful spirits, sparkling embellishments and euphoric atmosphere. The mentioned aspects should be reflected in designs of websites involved in the sphere of festivities, as they can captivate the audience at the first sight. With such a purpose in mind, this responsive HTML5 theme notable for its orchid elements has been developed. Make use of it, and your entertainment site will catch people’s attention in a blink and overshadow platforms with a similar subject area.

To accentuate ideas of companies involved in the leisure business, it’s vital to put forth maximum efforts and creativity in designs of their sites. If you decide to take advantage of this theme, you’ll have an opportunity to escape the hard work. In general, it boasts of everything that a decent entertainment site should, particularly visual attractiveness, user-friendliness, and powerful promotional potential. Due to the mentioned benefits, people entering your platform by chance are guaranteed to turn into its regular audience.

The design presented here is based on the principle of depicting those feelings of delight that company’s services can deliver. Any promotional campaign based on an emotional aspect is recognized as efficient tactic in marketing, and you’ll be able to benefit from it thanks to this theme. Adding cheerful pictures to its gallery, you’ll prove customers that their parties will be full of fun by means of your services. Due to the Shuffle Image block, it’ll be possible to showcase various options of party planning, which will highlight your ingenuity. As for the Recent Event section with its striking CSS3 hover effects, potential customers will be subconsciously motivated to decide in your favor. Give a try to this theme, and your entertainment business will experience its long-awaited moment of boom in no time.



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