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July 24, 2014

Free HTML5 Responsive Theme Providing Prosperity of Entertainment Business

When party planners start thinking about their events, the first things arising in their imagination are joyful spirits, sparkling embellishments and euphoric atmosphere. The mentioned aspects should be reflected in designs of websites involved in the sphere of festivities, as they can captivate the audience at the first sight. With such a purpose in mind, this responsive HTML5 theme notable for its orchid elements has been developed. Make use of it, and your entertainment site will catch people’s attention in a blink and overshadow platforms with a similar subject area.

To accentuate ideas of companies involved in the leisure business, it’s vital to put forth maximum efforts and creativity in designs of their sites. If you decide to take advantage of this theme, you’ll have an opportunity to escape the hard work. In general, it boasts of everything that a decent entertainment site should, particularly visual attractiveness, user-friendliness, and powerful promotional potential. Due to the mentioned benefits, people entering your platform by chance are guaranteed to turn into its regular audience.

The design presented here is based on the principle of depicting those feelings of delight that company’s services can deliver. Any promotional campaign based on an emotional aspect is recognized as efficient tactic in marketing, and you’ll be able to benefit from it thanks to this theme. Adding cheerful pictures to its gallery, you’ll prove customers that their parties will be full of fun by means of your services. Due to the Shuffle Image block, it’ll be possible to showcase various options of party planning, which will highlight your ingenuity. As for the Recent Event section with its striking CSS3 hover effects, potential customers will be subconsciously motivated to decide in your favor. Give a try to this theme, and your entertainment business will experience its long-awaited moment of boom in no time.



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Let Your Project Shine with Sunburst & Rays Photoshop Custom Shapes and Brushes

Would you like to make your next project shine as bright as the sun? Then, our set of sunburst & rays Photoshop custom shapes will be a true boon for you. Using these design elements, you can present any object against a striking background and give it a slight sense of action. Although the mentioned trend is a little outdated, it still enjoys wide popularity in the community of designers due to its eye-catching effect. This technique gives an awesome look to website layouts, posters, wallpapers, and flyers of pop art and vintage themes.

You don’t have to be a Photoshop master to create sunburst custom shapes from scratch yourself. However, if you’re running out of time or searching for inspiration, ready-made items featured in our post will come in handy for you. As they boast of various shapes, colors and thickness, you will easily find something for your project. Thanks to a customizable nature, it’s possible to enlarge their size without decreasing their quality. Just download sunburst custom shapes offered in our set, and your illustrations will have a special flair against their background!

33 Sunburst Photoshop & Vector Shapes


This set comprises 33 sunburst custom shapes in CSH and SVG file formats. They are must-have elements for everyone who wants to add a retro touch to projects. Filling spare space in images, sunburst silhouettes can direct people’s look from the focal point to the most essential details like call-to-action buttons. According to the license terms, these custom shapes are meant for personal and commercial purposes, that’s why you can feel free to enhance your design with their help.

* * *

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Photoshop Tricks: Realistic Camera Images for Your Design Project

Technological progress is so swift nowadays that it’s almost impossible to keep pace with the latest achievements in the industry. Gadgets like mp3 players, tablets, and cameras have become an integral part of the modern life, and, no wonder, they have ultimately obtained a status of favorites in the designing community.

Web designers often need to use images of electronic devices in their projects for various reasons, e.g. as icons, stock images or photo manipulations. To draw them in a realistic-looking manner, they resort to Photoshop, as it’s one of the best tools due to its extensive functionality and ease of use.

However, creating eye-catching designs of gadgets that would look real may be a tedious process, especially for beginners. With so many details to depict, it takes a long time and great efforts to reproduce devices on the Photoshop canvas.

If you are limited in time or don’t have proper skills to perform this task flawlessly, you can make use of ready-made pictures provided by users of Dribbble, a true gem of free visual content. Here’s a set of the best realistic camera images that produce an impression of ordinary photos rather than illustrations created with the help of Photoshop.

Drawn at different angles, pictures of gadgets boast of various effects, from grungy to sleek, which means you’ll find something that would match your requirements. Look through the options presented in this post, and feel free to involve one of them in your project.

Camera Nikon Rangefinder


* * *

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Patriotic Gift from TemplateMonster Timed to Independence Day

Good day to you, dear readers. If you are American citizens, you must have been waiting for Independence Day since last summer. Just like any other holiday, it offers multiple things to benefit from. One of them is to plunge into the atmosphere of unrestrained fun with barbecues and fireworks accompanied by patriotic music. But let’s focus on the other aspect, which has gained wide popularity lately.

July 4 promo

A lot of retailers provide various discounts and special offers to delight their customers and deliver more freedom to them. But TemplateMonster, a leader in designing outstanding templates for websites, has surpassed numerous corporations this year. To congratulate US citizens with Independence Day, the company gives an incredible 50% discount on all the products in its inventory. In such a way, representatives of TemplateMonster strived to show their sincere appreciation of every client and emphasize the fact that freedom isn’t related only to viewpoints and speech, but also concerns a sphere of sales.

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10 Visually Inspiring & Responsive WordPress eCommerce Themes

WordPress has surely broken new grounds consistently when it comes to providing webmasters with a platform over which they can create a powerful website that pitches itself to a large band of customers and provide them with an exceptional user experience.

There isn’t an area that WordPress has left unexplored and it continues to branch out to different domains on the Internet. And eCommerce happens to be one such domain that contains a truckload of websites. eCommerce has gained a lot of traction in recent years as more and more businesses are establishing their presence on the Internet to sell their products to customers they could not reach with brick and mortar stores.

And if you are planning to have an eCommerce website for your business, WordPress has got a suite of ready-made solutions for your consideration. And among those solutions, I compile a list of best WordPress themes that are perfectly tailored for any eCommerce website. And they also make a serious boast about their responsiveness:

Bearded WordPress Theme


An amazingly detailed template, Bearded delivers focus on every aspect that is there to any eCommerce website. The theme offers options galore for you to choose from and using this theme, you get access to a whole suite of new tools and capabilities.

* * *

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Free HTML5 Theme: Solid Online Presence for Restaurants and Cafes

Thinking about a website design, its owner should give priority to distinctive elements of his business, but, at the same time, he can’t overlook an important element, i.e. an inviting tone. There are two ways to create a platform that would comply with these requirements. The first one is to resort to services of specialists while the other one is to make use of a free HTML5 theme exhibited here. The latter is notable for its well-balanced design combining professionalism and artistry, that’s why it’s a good idea to give it a try.

Whet Gourmets’ Appetite Online

No foodie can remain indifferent about cafes and restaurants where menus comprise palatable dishes cooked by ingenious chefs. To help owners of these places inform the target audience of their offerings, a website with mouth-watering visuals is required. The theme you see here ideally fits such a description, and every gourmet who shows up on a platform built with its aid will surely get interested in visiting the promoted place. The main thing guaranteeing attraction of gastronomes at the first sight is peculiarities of its front page that are as follows.

Subtle Design for Elite Places

A subtle look of this theme can convey an air of elite restaurants while a clean aspect of its design will accentuate a healthy quality of dishes. However, it doesn’t mean you’ll have to keep your business within limits. If you want to highlight any other concepts, you can easily modify colors, fonts, and textures to add a distinctive touch to your cafe.

In addition to appealing visuals, this theme provides excellent usability to make sure visitors feel themselves comfortable on your website. Browsing through its homepage, they will read inspirational information about the restaurant and regular clients’ feedback that can reinforce their trust. Once people cast a glance at images of savory dishes served at the promoted place, they will feel their stomachs rumble, which will prompt them to drop in there. Don’t hesitate to create a special invitation to gourmets by means of this theme.



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Improving Website Usability with Free Multimedia Icons

As a rule, multimedia sites are overfilled with animations, videos and audios so that many users find it difficult to navigate them. A great way to improve usability of web pages abundant in the mentioned files is to embed icons into their design. In this post, you’ll find various multimedia icons that can improve navigation even on platforms with an excessive amount of visual content and make them more comfortable for visitors to browse through.

Although icons seem to be imperceptible elements, they make an invaluable contribution to the web design. Creating a sense of unity throughout a page, these items improve its overall look dramatically. Moreover, icons guide people through a site layout, which can ensure a better experience of their staying. When users take a look at an icon, they are subconsciously stimulated to click on it to achieve a desired effect. Such a motivational impact is helpful in increasing conversion rates and, therefore, profits of a site owner.

Due to a growing popularity of these design elements, the web swarms with thousands of icons. Thus, it may be a time-consuming practice to find the set that would meet your needs. To assist you in your undertaking, we’ve gathered high-quality icons from different resources. Add them to your site, and you’ll notice a better user activity quite soon.

Exclusive Free Multimedia Icon Set


The first set of free multimedia icons featured in this article has been created by designers of and is accessible on for free downloading. Designated for both personal and commercial usage, it contains 14 items of 256x256px size and PNG format. Original AI files are also embedded into the package. If you apply these icons to your website, the whole picture will get a more sophisticated look, which will represent you as a person following the latest industry trends.

* * *

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Free HTML5 Theme: Perfection of Web Design Studio Sites

When designers’ flight of fantasy reaches a dead point, they can’t work wonders with their projects and, therefore, it’s challenging for them to create something memorable. If you are searching for a spark of inspiration, you’ve come across the right place. We try hard to keep our readers abreast of the latest updates in web design to help them add a touch of creativity to their works. A free HTML5 theme presented here will come in handy for everyone who needs to stimulate their imagination. You can use it either as a starting point of your new project or as a spur to continue their work on the existing one.

This uncluttered theme accomplished in the effortless style represents the main trends of modernism. A combination of minimal aspects, blurred images, ghost buttons, and negative space add a cutting-edge look to it. Designers striving for perfection will not remain indifferent about this product, as it can polish up various projects, particularly architecture, art & photography, exterior & interior design, web design studios, and many others. To highlight its visual power, developers applied a technique of pointed edges to the front page and made it in black and white.

A well-coded nature of this theme gives an opportunity to perform any experiments. You can modify it according to your needs without worrying about its look in browsers, as it features cross-browser compatibility. People who show up on your website will appreciate its easy navigation provided by back-to-top buttons and a drop-down menu. Another eye-catching element of the theme is Featured Projects block created via iHover. If you want to add zest to your project with the help of a hover effect, this code will be of great use.

Try out this free HTML5 theme with a clean layout, and you’ll be able to experience all of its benefits in no time.



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Free Parallax Scrolling Plugins to Engage the Audience

HTML5 and CSS3 technologies give an opportunity to experiment with a wide range of striking effects that can give a unique touch to any website. If you want your online resource to stand out among others, consider an idea to give a try to a parallax scrolling technique. After long-term usage in video games, it migrated to the web design sphere and became mainstream in a short while.

Such a rapidly growing popularity of this trend has been caused by its ability to make a website foreground pop out slightly and, therefore, create a sense of depth. Reminding of a 3D effect, it can tell the history of a company in a more engaging manner. This technique improves user experience on online platforms dramatically and motivates visitors to stay there longer.

To benefit from the mentioned visual effect, you should make use of parallax scrolling plugins presented in our set. All the options are available for free, which will let you avoid any extra expenses. Look through these plugins and download those that will give special zest to your website.

Parallax JS JavaScript Library Plugin


Parallax JavaScript Library holds a top position in our set due to its convenient nature. If you decide in favor of this product, you’ll be able to make the background of your website pause a little while scrolling.

* * *

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Tips for E-commerce business: How to Gain Visitor’s Trust?


Every profitable and powerful e-commerce presence is founded on visitor trust. Why do online shoppers prefer buying from It’s because they trust the site enough to buy from it. No doubt, there are other reasons why this site is always at the top of popularity charts, but the primary reason for its popularity is the credibility it brings to the table. Your e-commerce site won’t deliver results if users don’t have faith in the quality of the products and services sold, the security apparatus integrated into the site that protects their site info and the aura of the site in general. How to attract targeted shoppers by creating profitable eCommerce shopping cart?

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